Now That’s Deep

Deep dish pizza

Continuing my discussion with John regarding Chicago pizza… because can one ever really be finished talking about this glorious food? I think not.

Perhaps the first time I had deep dish pizza was with my friend Kathy shortly after I moved to the city, but please don’t quote me on that. Before the move, when I still lived in the ‘burbs, we had “normal” pizza, which was Domino’s and such. I believe I have a post coming up about Dominoes, but that would be the game, for my A-Z thingie. What were we talking about again?

Pizza! I think, right after we moved to the city itself, Kathy and I went to Giordano’s. Omg, best pizza ever! So luscious! Deep dish crust, stuffed with any noms of your choice (I liked spinach and mushrooms), dripping with sauce, oozing with cheese. So delicious! Obviously this pizza is eaten with a knife and fork on a plate; no rushing out the door with a slice folded in your hand.

But then I went away to college, the U of I in Champaign (not to be confused with champagne)… they had Garcia’s Pizza, which we all liked. But even though it began with the same letter, it was no Giordano’s. So, I dropped out after one semester, moved back home with my parents, and got a job at an insurance company in the Loop.

I dated and took classes, made various friends yada yada, and everyone knew my favorite thing to do was to go for pizza at Giordano’s. Mm hmm. So good! Everyone says they love pizza, but I sacrificed a lot more than most people to keep going to my favorite restaurant.

But then one day my dad said he got a job in California because Mom was tired of blizzards and stuff. I told them I wasn’t leaving Giordano’s. He said he’d buy me a car.

I miss that place.


Image credited to Pexels.

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19 responses to “Now That’s Deep

  1. Made me crave for pizza but delivery service is done for the day

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh help. I HAVE to have a pizza now. RIGHT NOW!

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  3. The image makes me hungry. Pizza, Yummmmm.

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  4. Pizza is the everything food, but a car… 😂
    I have never had Chicago style pizza. I must change that🍕

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  5. You really love pizza!

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  6. I miss Giordano’s too…

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  7. I visited Chicago years ago, and eating at Giordano’s was on our to-do list. And I wasn’t disappointed… Wow!

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  8. Funny thing about Giordano’s: they started as a carryout place from down around 63rd and Kedzie. No seating, just go in, get your pizza, and take it home.

    Stuffed pizza is a sometimes thing for me. Giordano’s, Pizzeria Uno, Lou Malnati’s will all ship pizzas to you, but it’s not a big issue for us: we can buy Home Run Inn pizza at the grocery store….

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    • Mmm now I am hungry!

      Hey, do you remember the Black Hawk Restaurant? That was my family’s favorite steak place. Now I’m going down Chicago memory food lane, John! Yummy…


  9. That looks good, and I do like pizza now and again. We like the thin crust ones best.

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  10. Pizza, who doesn’t love it!

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