Baccarat [A-Z Games]

James Bond 007 playing Baccarat in Thunderball

Note: I’m doing the April A-to-Z challenge without signing up or linking back to the main site.

Baccarat is an insanely complex game! At least it seems that way to me when I read the rules. James Bond makes it appear effortlessly elegant, as he does everything, except of course committing to one woman. Sigh… Where were we? 💕

There are several variations of baccarat, but it’s basically a card game, somewhat like blackjack, except face cards and tens are worth zero. If your cards add up to more than 10, you drop the 10 (6 and 7 is 3, forex). You’re trying to get an 8 or 9, against another player or the house or both. The vast majority of games are played via fixed rules for both the player and the banker, with the gamblers betting on whichever. The house (banker) has the edge, of course. See more here, if you’re interested.

The fixed-rule baccarat games are called punto banco, but that’s not what 007 plays. Bond plays the variation known as chemin de fer (“railway” in French), where it is player vs player, one designated banker. See the above link for a description of further complexities. ♦️♠️♥️♣️

There are variations of both types of games too, but honestly the only reason I became aware of baccarat at all is because Bond plays the game. He plays in Thunderball, pictured above, Dr. No, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, For Your Eyes Only, and GoldenEye. I haven’t seen them all, but I have seen most of them. I read he’ll be back soon. 😍

I do like Daniel Craig as Bond (the blond Bond!). He’s done an outstanding job, in particular with Casino Royale and Skyfall. I’ve never been a Sean Connery purist like some people, though of course I love him as Bond, especially in Dr. No and Goldfinger. But I adore Roger Moore too! The Spy Who Loved Me is one of my all-time favorite Bonds. Some of the others… eh. Pierce Brosnan is adequate, lol. (I loved him in Mamma Mia, okay? 🤣)

Please tune in tomorrow when I blog about Clue.


Image snarfled from Google.

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20 responses to “Baccarat [A-Z Games]

  1. Thanks for giving me a clue about what Baccarat is about Paula.

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  2. Seems too complicated for me.

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  3. Lol, LOVE the wird snarfked! What a complicated game! I guess that’s what makes it interesting though!

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  4. I prefer Roger to Sean too! It’s an ongoing disagreement with Older Daughter.
    We both like Craig😉
    Clue? It was Miss Scarlett in the library with the candlestick.

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  5. Remember in “A Hard Day’s Night” when Paul’s grandfather was playing it?

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  6. Cool name but sounds hard to understand. I’m sure Bond had no trouble! 🙂

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  7. I like card games. That one sounds a little tricky.

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  8. Sorry, you lost me. I’m just not a games person, I guess.

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  9. I have put in a lot of effort in my new blog. Kindly check it out and drop a follow

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