Self-Isolation Report 2

Isolation Bitmoji

Friday Morning

8:30 ~ finally got up after sleeping until 7ish & then lazing in bed playing games on my phone until I ran out the battery

9:00 ~ Noon… had coffee but wasn’t hungry for breakfast, chatted with friends online, played with cats, took shower, read news to further terrify self, ate a protein bar, had tea

Friday Afternoon

12:30 ~ drove to Crystal Cove State Beach & walked around for a couple hours taking pics

Crystal Cove Crystal Cove Beach Crystal Cove Beach Crystal Cove bicycle with flower basketCrystal Cove picnic table

Later Friday

3:00 ~ stopped at grocery store to get fresh produce, milk, bread (they were pretty well stocked)

4:00 ~ put groceries away, ate late lunch of spicy vegan black bean burgers topped with melted non-vegan brie (yummy)

5:00 ~ FaceTime with elder daughter

6:00 ~ tea and phone games

7:00 ~ contemplated writing… decided to do this report first and also the SOCS and the SLS… plenty of time to write… plenty… my gosh, I’ll be knocking out so many new books soon they’ll probably ban me for hogging all the Kindle space! 🤣


Images from Bitmoji and me.

©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

17 responses to “Self-Isolation Report 2

  1. Your self isolation report is such a great idea.
    I guess isolation is not so bad for us bloggers because we are in constant touch with each other all around the globe

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  2. It was a better day than yesterday. Walking is a great idea. Waiting for your new 📚 books.

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  3. The offer to ship Ben north is still open… just sayin…😂
    We had a much better day today than yesterday. And it didn’t rain💃🏼🎶
    Have you been getting rained out pretty much all month too? It’s supposed to be sunny & 75 fer cryin out loud, this is SoCal🤬

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    • It’s rained off and on, but mostly it’s just cold! I don’t use the heat because it dries out my sinuses and gives me worse headaches. So, on top of all this, I’m still huddled in layers of sweatshirts and my slankie.

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  4. Good to read what you’re doing Paula. The beach bit sounds brill

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  5. Lucky you! Gorgeous beach and nobody around!

    I took a walk around my favorite pond yesterday because the weather was brilliant. Of course, other people had the same idea. I felt that too many of them were not keeping at least 3 feet away from others, or leaving that kind of room around them for passing. I found that stressful and ended up not enjoying my walk.

    Maybe I overreacted. Maybe I’m overreacting. Then I too listen to the news and realize, sadly, maybe I’m not.

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  6. You are rocking self-isolation! Keep these posts coming ❤

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  7. What a beautiful place to have to self isolate in.

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