Self-Isolation Report 1

Isolation Bitmoji

Thursday Morning

8:00 ~ cleaned cat box, vacuumed, did laundry, cleaned bathroom, read blogs

9:30 ~ had coffee & an avocado 🥑

10:00 ~ dusted, cleaned kitchen

11:00 ~ exercised to a video

11:30 ~ downloaded phone games

Thursday Afternoon

1:00 ~ played phone games, ate cookies 🍪

5:00 ~ thought about writing, took a walk in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Central Park

Thursday Night

7:00 ~ ate instant noodles, made tea, started work

8:00 ~ freaked out about Gov Newsom telling us we can never leave our homes again and began frantically chatting with friends and daughters

11:00 ~ finished work, had more tea

Midnight ~ made this post, feeling too anxious too sleep, glad I still have some Valium

Yah… so just like the olden days when I was all upset about some dumb man, I can’t get my mind in a clear enough state to switch over to the fictional realm. It’s too cluttered with stabby bits of reality and what ifs.


Images from Bitmoji and me.

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22 responses to “Self-Isolation Report 1

  1. The Corona scare is causing anxiety to the point of mass hysteria.

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  2. I have found over the past week, when I lay down in bed it is not as easy to drop off to sleep as normal. My normal routine is head hits the pillow and I am out for the count. However, now my mind is buzzing with thoughts of what happened at work and concerns about my family and friends.

    So I have been having milky drinks (not real milk because I don’t do dairy) with a little honey and I lay in bed and imagine paradise. I imagine the whole earth being clean and all people being at peace. I imagine people happy and healthy and without any fear. I let my mind focus in on all things wonderful. So far it is working. I fall asleep with wonderful dreams dancing in my mind.

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  3. So many of us are on edge. That feeling of a lack of control is unsettling. It’s certainly exposing the faults with modern society. Let’s hope that it eventually nudges society in a better direction.

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    • Yes. It doesn’t help to get new extreme news about what to do and not to do every day. I do hope we don’t return to our former state of relying on cheap imported goods that we constantly toss out instead of fixing.

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  4. I have never played a game on my phone.

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  5. Try to minimize the news exposure. We just get anxious and it doesn’t helps.

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  6. I hear you. I also did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, ate ramen noodles because I wanted something hot and salty, had coffee and watched Silent Witness on Prime. I’m glad I didn’t give up the streaming apps as I had planned on doing. I’m resisting baking cookies because it would only be me eating them. Sure I could freeze them, but they also taste good frozen!🤓😎

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  7. Today I watered my plants, emptied the dishwasher, called my brother, did bills, and then quit. I’m too unsettled, and all I want to do is ignore and immerse myself in romance stories and TV/movies. Being productive feels useless, even though I know it isn’t. But I just can’t. I miss my family. I need to hug them, and I can’t. This is hard.

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  8. 8:00 ~ freaked out about Gov Newsom telling us we can never leave our homes again and began frantically chatting with friends and daughters … am loving this series .

    Am now up to date, ok, yeah, yeah l read them backwards – but am ready for … 4 🙂

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  9. I have had to minimise watching the news as it has been causing me to become anxious. I know we cannot hide from the news as we have to know what is going on. But as from today I am going to have more purpose to my days in isolation and read more blogs like this too.

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