The Monday Peeve 27

Monday Peeve kitty

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the #TMP tag, and link back to me (or not ~ I dgaf), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen! I have feelings!


What is up with the WordPress app? Not only do we still have that pesky post gap overnight and during other random times where hours of lovely, tasty bloggery gets nommed up by the langoliers or some other scary time monsters, but now we have new glitches. First, they changed the whole look of the “splash page” and put buttons at the top. Grrrr changes. Bad! But more than that, the buttons require more stabbiness than the links below, and I don’t remember this until I’ve attempted to stab them a few times. Annoying. 🙄

Also, my notifications are screwed up at least once a day. The dot is on telling me I have new likes or comments, but then I can’t see them. Not only that, but I can’t switch between menus of likes, comments, and follows. To see these things, I have to go to a browser. Ughhh! The point of using an app is to avoid going to a browser! 😡

Stop screwing up my WP app, Happiness Engineers! 😛


Image originally from Pixabay.

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20 responses to “The Monday Peeve 27

  1. So many folks have no desktop computer these days. The frustration is real!

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  2. I don’t use a desktop either. Just an iPad. It doesn’t do too well with WP always though

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  4. Here’s my ranty little peeve for your Monday, Paula! Thanks for this forum to vent in!

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  5. Yes, they are at it again. Making things more difficult than before. “Unhappy engineers!!!”

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  6. Hoarders are my Monday peeve. Nuff said.

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  7. That’s why I still don’t use the app.

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  8. I have aq desktop and only a desktop, don’t even start me on my effing, yes effing phone, a peeve will be coming out from me today .. WP is very glitchy in recent months and that is the no app version 🙂

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