FEXIT Anniversary

Cat walks away from explosion

Somewhere around this week or so, two years ago, I exited Facebook. I don’t mean I took a break; I mean I deleted my account (Instagram too). Not only don’t I miss the endless flamewars, fake news, intrusive ads, hacking, privacy invasions, creepy scams, and daily time wasting blabber, but from what I hear, it’s only gotten worse.

I received grief for this, natch. Certain people were unhappy with me ~ they felt rejected and refused to communicate with me via other means. They did not share my concerns about the hacking, etc. I didn’t judge them for staying and still don’t; my daughters remain on Facebook, after all. It makes sense to be where everyone else is. I just don’t want to. I lack the willpower to resist jumping into the flames myself, and there goes my free time.

Space time wormhole

Others thought I’d feel isolated and return. I do feel isolated, but in a good way. There are times I get a tiny reminder of FB via Messenger, which unfortunately I still have due to some friends’ refusal to text. People like to form various Messenger groups and occasionally there are minor kerfuffles, like during the past few weeks over COVID-19.

Isn’t human behavior fascinating? On the one side we have doctors and scientists; and on the other we have… “but I wanna!” I believe I have summed up the entirety of the fussing with that, though I am positive that on FB it goes on and on and on. You log on and bam! You’re hit with those tags for another 127 comments… and who can resist reading them? Not me. Suddenly, you find yourself angry with friends and vice versa, over garbage some politician said who couldn’t give a crap about any of you.

But hey, if you still enjoy the place… great! I bet it’ll be booming this weekend since the USA has shut down and we have nowhere to go and no sports to watch. Please allow me to make a humble suggestion. Between ranting over other people hoarding TP and Lysol wipes, running to Costco (just one more time), telling your kids to move their junk out of the spare room cuz you’re working from home now, etc… why not buy my book? There’s no reason not to! It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it mocks everyone! Yay!

Switching Positions by Paula Light

Thanks in advance! Please don’t forget to leave a review. ❤️💙


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18 responses to “FEXIT Anniversary

  1. thanks for including today’s 3TC.

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  2. Brill, Paula

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  3. I’ve been inactive (i.e., don’t post anything) on Facebook or Instagram, but haven’t actually deleted my accounts because my adult kids are still in them and that how I keep up with what they’re up to.

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  4. Definitely a better purchase than a year’s worth of toilet paper.

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  5. Good suggestions. Got the three.

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  6. Have fun with the Munchkin this weekend! 😻

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  7. I totally feel you on the positives of isolation. I still use Facebook, but rarely post on my own wall. I’m so glad you are content without Facebook.

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  8. It really depends on who you follow on Facebook. If you follow political sites or friends, you’ll get a lot of stuff you may not want. I have pared my FB feed down to people I genuinely want to stay in touch with; as it happens, none of them have opposing political views to mine. I can’t leave FB because some groups I want/need to follow (like my HOA) are there. I wish there was an alternative, but damned, you gotta hand it to Zuckerberg: FB is brilliant in all its simplicity!

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