But It’s Over Now

Love is in da blog

Goodbye February! It’s been a great month of songs while participating in Bee’s fun music challenge again. A big thanks to Bee for putting together the challenge and prompts! She shared some fab tunes too. I also a great time checking out what other players posted ~ Jim, Barbara, Di, Caramel, Cheryl, Melanie, et al.

For my last song of the February challenge, I’m sharing Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love.” It was featured in Pretty Woman, a movie I enjoyed but didn’t love as much as other romcoms. It’s strange to me that this movie did so well at the box office ~ I guess it was the star power of the leads. (Though Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have star power, no?) In my opinion, the Meg Ryan movies are all superior to PW. But I do like Richard Gere… and in Pretty Woman Julia Roberts isn’t as obnoxious as usual. This video is sweet and captures some good moments from the film. Hope you like it! 😘


Written for Love Is In Da Blog Day 29.

Image credit to Happy Color.

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13 responses to “But It’s Over Now

  1. LOVE this song!! 😻🎶💃🏼

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  2. Ahhh great song, and I love the movie. 🙂

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  3. What a lovely way to say goodbye. Stay cool!

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  4. Great song Paula. We had the Special Edition of PW and it added a bit more depth to the story.

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  5. A most fitting song to end the month.

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  6. Truly dated and naïve, this movie, but Julia Roberts will forever be brilliant in it, IMO. The song is still good, fortunately, and one I’ve always liked!

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  7. Brilliant choice!!!

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