A Trifecta Of Angst!

Have you seen the trending topics lately? No, I’m not talking about the elections or infections but the following selections

1. What to call poor Meghan and Harry now that they no longer have royal titles or protection from the Crown? Oh dear me. Let me collect myself. What if I see them at the grocery store shopping for nectarines? I won’t know how to say hello!

2. What if my ex starts dating a celeb? As if it doesn’t make you feel dejected enough to see your old flame connect with someone new, but the new crush is Jennifer Aniston? Now that this specter has been brought to my attention, I must reflect upon it endlessly.

3. Eyebrows. I had no idea I was supposed to obsess about having perfect brows, but apparently they are a huge deal and you’re supposed to spend a load of money on them. No wonder I failed at finding a man ~ I had been neglecting my brow grooming. Omg how embarrassing! I’m sure that was the main reason for my multiple rejections.

Please inject your thoughts on these important subjects into my comments, thx!


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31 responses to “A Trifecta Of Angst!

  1. I am sick of hearing about Meghan and Harry. Boooooooring!

    And as for eyebrows – mine all disappeared anyway through chemo! My mother used to draw hers on with a pencil! Looked stupid.

    The news it just ridiculous right now, although coronavirus seems quite high in the list and we are wondering whether to panic or not!!! I mean, what do you do without loo rolls when everyone has snaffled them all up?

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  2. I’m just glad Canadian taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill for security for Harry and Meghan, whatever they happen to be called.

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  3. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince? No, wait, that’s taken… Hmmmm…

    You know, there are worse things than playing second fiddle to Jennifer Aniston…. I mean, saying “He dumped me for Jennifer Aniston” sounds a lot better than “He dumped me for an 80 year old heroin addict that lives in cardboard box in the ally behind 5th Avenue”…

    Yeah, eyebrows are super important to the 0.01% of guys who’s glaze rises up that high… (Just for the record, mine are usually on her eyes,not that much higher (or lower) 😉 )

    Yeah, can see where all of the angst is coming from…

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  4. I fill in my eyebrows a bit but none of that straight-lined stuff. They have been perfectly plucked my entire adult life, so they’re fine as is. Current brow fashion is over the top, anyway.

    What’s Harry’s last name? Mountbatten? The Mountbattens? Or maybe just “Hi, Harry! Hi, Meg!” That works. I mean if you’re meeting them in a grocery store…

    If Jennifer Aniston starts dating my ex, I’ll try to warn her off. If Kim Kardashian does, I’ll go make myself popcorn.

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  5. Yeah, it’s not as though Harry and Meghan are going to be able to slip into the background all that easily – a ginger bloke, a woman of colour, a toddler in between . . . I think Harry probably needs treatment for PTSD, Meghan needs to get over her celebrity, and little – what was it now? – Archie? – something like that – he is going to have to take his chances, poor little thing.

    I think the Queen did brilliantly (I am a Royalist), the Duke of Edinburgh showed his usual common sense (Harry and Meghan were disrespectful), Prince Charles did his fatherly thing (financial help for at least for a year) – got to admit, it is Meghan I am most annoyed about, and I was willing to give her a chance – seemed a very nice person – now seems like a brat.

    Call them ‘Brat and Co’ – but the little boy deserves leeway.

    Sorry, I can’t be politically correct on this.

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    • Haha, go for it! I enjoyed the “fairy tale” romance and wedding a couple years ago. But they’re all in the news too much for people who do nothing a la the Kardashians. Omg look what Kate wore to a party! And then there’s the covering for Andrew, a possible criminal… I can’t respect that.

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      • Yes. I don’t think Andrew is ‘covered’ – I have no clue, of course, but I think he has been set up (and is still being) – he was naive thinking that, in his position, he could talk about it as he did on that television programme. But people from other countries don’t get the monarchy at all – they think it’s another way to be celebrity. It’s a centuries’ old tradition – the Queen is still on the ball – she was brought up to that sort of life, despite her father being thrust into kinghood due to Edward’s abdication. Charles might cut it – I have hopes for him. The monarchy does more than appears on the surface. This is my opinion, anyway. I haven’t been following the Kardashians – I haven’t a clue there, either. Also – I haven’t a clue what you are supposed to be doing with your eyebrows these days . . .

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  6. I would rather do my tax return than hear or read another word about Megan and Harry. Enough already!!

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  7. You bring up great points! Love this

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  8. Argh was the perfect title. I’m so over Meghan and Harry. Lol 😆

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  9. I never thought that the unibrow was a good look.

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  10. 1. I don’t give a shit and don’t understand why anyone else in the wide world would.
    2. Good for my exes. After enduring me for any length of time, they deserve it. As long as I have The Boss, I don’t spare a thought for my exes.
    3. I appreciate naturalness. It’s sad that so many of us spend so much time, money, and anxiety on trying to look perfect.

    I’m sad that such trivial matters give so many people so much pain. I hope you don’t spend too much time obsessing over them, Paula. Here’s a hug and permission to go curl up in a sunny corner with a good book and your favorite beverage!

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  11. Eyebrow are yesterday!

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  12. 1. I haven’t cared about the Royal Family since, oh, 1776 or so.

    2. Could be worse: it could be Lynda Carter or Loni Anderson…

    3. Aren’t you supposed to shave them off and draw them in with an eyebrow pencil?


  13. Sick of the M and H saga.
    Ex and celebs, they change partners at the drop of a hat
    Eyebrows? Never plucked, painted or creamed. Am I odd or just lucky? Made me think of the monobrow kid from The Simpsons.

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  14. Ha ha ha! Oh, sorry! To make you feel better my brows are very ungroomed, but glasses help to hide the stray hairs. As for what I should be focused on??? “Trash” on the lawn. Or the empty field that is not groomed appropriately…. it’s an EMPTY field!! Leaves fall. Weeds/clover are natural… sheesh…

    Have a good day.

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