One Summer Never Ends

Love is in da blog

Happy February! I’m participating in Bee’s fun music challenge again and hope you’ll join in (you don’t have to play every day).

Today’s theme is a love song in summer. I’ve always loved “Suddenly Last Summer” by the Motels (also a movie with Elizabeth Taylor), but it took on new significance in 2016. I haven’t written much about that on here; even now it’s not only still incredibly painful, but also I write and write and yet the things I meant to say somehow have eluded me. Very strange. I have written a lot of oblique poetry about the situation, which works better. Pure emotion, less concrete explanation.

But I have a couple things in draft. Puzzle pieces to help me glue my mind together a little more securely. For now, here’s this…


Written for Love Is In Da Blog Day 23.

Image credit to Happy Color.

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14 responses to “One Summer Never Ends

  1. Great song Paula. According to Motels frontwoman Martha Davis, she wrote the song about irrevocable change, the loss of innocence, the melancholy associated with not being able to go home again.

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  2. I understand what you are saying here Paula. Sometimes it is easuer to write the pure emotion rather than the fact. I hope I have understood you correctly. Good song too ❤️

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  3. Very nice song Paula! Hadnt heard it before!

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  4. Another great blast from the past!🎶💃🏼😎
    I’m surprised you didn’t pick Boys Of Summer😯🤔

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  5. Sending positive energy your way. Thanks for this song 😚🙋‍♀️🐝

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  6. First time I heard this song – enjoyed it. I think I can relate to your oblique poetry – emotions void of details (do that myself).

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  7. Love this song. Thanks for the opportunity to listen….

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