20 for 2020

I haven’t answered questions for a while. These are from Ally at The Spectacled Bean. Check out her blog! 🙂

Your most memorable fancy dress costume?

I dressed up as a glittery fortune teller for Halloween once. I guess that purple and black costume was one of my fanciest. I haven’t been dressing up much lately, even though I still think it’s fun, because my eyes are too sensitive for makeup. If I can’t glop on a ton of mascara, it spoils the festive look.

Which social media platform do you use the most?

WordPress. I also like Twitter.

Favourite season?

Summer. I used to say fall, but I’m really craving hot weather and longer daylight.

If you had to choose the beach or mountains, which would it be?

It depends. I love the beach… nothing is more peaceful than the rhythm of the waves. I could walk on the sand and/or just watch the water forever. If there were no other people around! But that’s rare. The mountains can be quieter, though they are often cold. Scary things are in mountains though, like snakes and bears and curvy roads that drop you off a cliff… but oceans have tsunamis. And also didn’t someone just discover a whole new species of gross disgusting penis worms living under the sand? THANKS FOR THAT!

I’ll just stay in my office.

What can you play very well?

Devil’s advocate.

What kind of cheese do you like?


Life goal?

To make a goal.

How many cities have you lived in?

I’ve lived in the three largest US cities: NY, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Plus, I’ve lived in a scattering of towns around these cities.

What language do you wish you could speak?

All of them.

What can’t you stand?

Most things. I’m highly intolerant.

If you have an hour to kill on your hands, what would you do?

Waste it reading garbage, probably.

Your favorite routine?

Start to like some dude and imagine how things might be nice between us and then think of all the reasons why it would likely just be another horrible disaster and get so annoyed at wasting any time on this that I’m snippy the next time I see him causing him not to like me at which point I say to myself aha it would never have worked!

When do you become hyperactive?

After half a coffee!

Text message or phone call?

Text message.

Your most precious treasure?

Note that living creatures aren’t “treasure,” imo, so I’m going to say handmade cards from my daughters.

Your latest foreign language mistake?

This is funny. I was listening to a guy make some plans with me in what sounded like English, but it was really inverse English, so everything was a not-plan. Boy, did I feel silly! 🤪

What’s the best therapy for you?


If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?


Where would you like to travel?

Assuming I could afford it and not have massive migraines and backaches the whole time… Maine, Boston, NYC, WDC, Nashville, Santa Fe, Taos, Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Vancouver, Israel, Greece, Ireland, England, Scotland, Aruba.

Where did you meet your spouse/partner?

At the Orange County Animal Shelter.


Image credits to Bitmoji and Google and me.

©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

24 responses to “20 for 2020

  1. Gatsby is so cuddly looking.

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  2. Very informative and highly entertaining, Paula. I especially love your response to which fictional character you’d be. Good one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great answers to the questions. You get hyperactive after half a coffee? Oh that makes me sad for you for some reason. I enjoy my coffee and want everyone else to be able to do the same. Still, a woman’s gotta know her limits. Your partner is a sweetie. Such a photogenic cat.

    Thanks for playing along with the questions. Kind of a fun thing to do in a retro blogging way.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mmm, brie. My favourite is baked brie that gets all melty on the inside. Hmm, put that on the list for the next time I go to the grocery store…

    Love the image you made for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aaaah – if it wasn’t for this dairy intolerance, I could happily allow brie to grace every crusty baguette in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I was laughing so loud at your fictional character, the Big Dumb Dog had to come sniff me, make sure I wasn’t having a medical emergency 🤣😂🤣

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  7. Interesting and entertaining !

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  8. I used to be a fall person but that leads to winter and after these winter blues, I’m at least going with spring if not all out summer. Give me long days and warmth! Haha. Great post, Paula!

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  9. Someone else in your comments once said she/he hadn’t thought of WordPress as social media until you mentioned it as such. Do you think it is following more of a pattern of other social media? Ah – does this come from the people who partake or from WordPress itself? I heard Instagram has this like4like thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do, in most cases. We usually post short pieces and get many more likes than comments, same as FB and Insta. We often post to whatever “meme” is going around too. It’s rare that someone posts a long essay, though there are a few who do story installments.

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  10. “Life goal?
    To make a goal.”
    You crack me up!

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  11. Beautiful spouse. I had a tuxedo kitty once. Mooch died about 5 years ago.

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