The Cheeky Minx! [socs]

Cheek is one of those words that annoys me, when used a certain way, as in the title of this post. It’s probably because I raised myself on a steady diet of romance novels and words like cheek and cheeky were always the exclusive province of bad stepmothers and other nasty characters who had it out for the heroine.

“How dare that cheeky girl presume to address the lord of the manor in such an impudent fashion!” The dowager duchess pursed her lips in disgust as she poured tea.

“Oh, I know, dear Beatrice,” Matilda agreed as she selected a lemon cake from the silver tray. “She believes she is above her station because her father educated her.”

The duchess laughed. “The silly twit doesn’t need to recite poetry to dust furniture. But my son refuses to put her out. He says he owes her father a debt.”

“No good will come of it,” Matilda warned. “She’s bound to continue thinking much too highly of herself.”

I cannot think of a way to use cheek (other than as the body part) where you aren’t denigrating someone for having the nerve to speak out of turn or to someone who is “above them” in some way. Psssh! This is why we dumped tea into the harbor! 😛


Image credit to Shelley Krupa.

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13 responses to “The Cheeky Minx! [socs]

  1. Used that way would irritate me too. I always thought of it being synonymous with sarcastic. Maybe that’s how I want to see it🤔 I do spend a lot of time in the Angieverse 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  2. Nicely done! Very British! 😍

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  3. I’m always quite flattered when someone calls me a cheeky monkey. Or, you know, I would be.

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  4. That is it, I am striving for Cheek today!

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  5. Hello Paula I have nominated you for THE BEE LOVE AWARD. This post is on my page so please come check it out.

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  6. But, if it weren’t for cheek where would butterfly kisses go?


  7. Cheeky in British English can have a positive use – doing something slightly “naughty” but pleasurable, such as a cheeky second cream cake or cheeky afternoon in bed instead of working, etc.

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