Rather Efficiently! [fiction 188]

Romeo waited for his partner in crime as the moon rose over the bay. Finally, he saw Grimes sashaying down the boardwalk in a crimson coat.

“Hey dude!” Grimes said. “Ready to make some coin?”

“Shhhh,” Romeo hissed. “You goose. Don’t make so much noise.

“But I’m a singer,” Grimes said.

“Not tonight,” Romeo reminded him. “We’re here to rob the Congo Siren while the yacht owner is at the sermon.”

“Oh, I forgot,” Grimes said. “I should have worn my black coat. Can I resign?”

Romeo shook his head. “Nope. We’ll both be goners. Let’s just make our score and get out.”

The two men hurried onto the yacht, broke into the cabin room, and were confronted by Stan, the retired super lieutenant man who was doing the NYT crossword puzzle.

“You boys know a six-letter word for morons?” Stan asked.

No,” they said simultaneously.

“Guess I’ll just have to arrest you both then.” Stan called for a police van to come get Romeo and Grimes and also had the driver stop and pick up his pizza on the way.

That all worked out rather efficiently!


Written for Rory’s What’s Your Story Then?

Words made from ergonomics: coin, come, Congo, crime, crimson, goose, Grimes, goners, moon, morons, no, noise, on, resign, Romeo, room, rose, sermon, singer, Siren, so

©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

14 responses to “Rather Efficiently! [fiction 188]

  1. Half-wits is a six-letter word for morons, if you don’t count the hyphen.

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  2. Wait I am a dimwit and that is a six letter word as half-wits has at least eight letters. So I am going with dimwit.

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  3. That won’t work either as morons is plural and dimwit is singular. I give up, but at least I tried.

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  4. I get excited every time Rory does this challenge, cuz I know that you’ll come up with something great, and you always do!🏆🏅🎆👏🎉😻

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  5. Very well done! Amazing talent with this prompt.

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  6. Hey Paula, very nicely done – Halfwittery and dimwittery at its very best, although morons is six letters as is 🙂 Romeo and Grimes due to failure as a robbing pair as they shared no symbiosis 🙂

    This is not the one you missed so worry not. Twice a month from last weekish the three games were put into a Three in a Row post. What’s Your Story runs weekly, but the other two only run twice monthly and in the same post 🙂

    So saying all that – the one you missed if you wish was this one … https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/02/04/three-in-a-row/

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  7. Love that Super L-T!

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