Stars Fill My Dream

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Happy February! I’m participating in Bee’s fun music challenge again and hope you’ll join in (you don’t have to play every day).

Today’s theme is a song for our first love and before I could choose a song, I had to figure out who exactly counted as my first love. Was it my first boyfriend, who was an ass, but we exchanged ILY regardless? Or my second one, who was great, but I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship right then? After some pondering, I went with Guy 2…

We had a wonderful time together, and I regret a lot of things, especially that even when we reconnected during my divorce I was too stressed out to be a good friend. I doubt he’ll ever see this post, but “Kashmir” was playing one summer afternoon in his car in Chicago when we were happy. I can recall that feeling of being in love and not having a world of burdens upon me… and gorgeous music floating all around in the sunshine. I found this beautiful video today to match the feeling of the words. I hope you’ll listen and watch. ❤️


Written for Love Is In Da Blog Day 4.

Image credit to Happy Color.

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19 responses to “Stars Fill My Dream

  1. WOW! The music is FANTASTIC. How wonderfully happy. I love it Paula. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. I am sorry you didn’t have an easy life but am glad you had tvis afternoon and gorgeous music. I heard tve intro before but never knew the song or by whom it was. Learned something today. What a great song! Thanks for sharing 🙋‍♀️🐝

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  3. I have a fun memory attached to this song too.
    My first roommate (and BFF from senior year of high school) and I were cruising around in her convertible MG Midget, with the top down, and this song came on. We started singing “Oh let the sun beat down upon my face…” Just one of those snapshot memories of a happy feeling.

    Awesomely curated video! Very cool!

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  4. I’d never heard this song before. It’s great though. I’m so sorry you lost touch with this guy before you were able to show how much you appreciated his affection for you.

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  5. Ohh I like this song every time I hear it – just didn’t know who it was by or the name of it. Cool one. Glad it brought back a few good memories. 🙂

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  6. Led zeppelin is amazing! Fantastic music.
    Thanks for sharing

    Love Alexa,

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  7. I probably did this challenge all wrong, but that is not the first time that I screwed up and it won’t be the last. I actually don’t have songs that I relate to any of the women that I dated. Nice song Paula, no denying.

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  8. Between Kashmir and the Moody Blues, I finally figured it out: you’re a Mellotron fiend. Give some early King Crimson a spin.

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