My Giant Pumpkins! [fiction 255]

Mae nudged my arm. “There’s that man again. What’s his name?”

I watched the old farmer walk up to the diner. “Willard. He always smells like manure,” I whispered.

“Afternoon Uma,” Willard said to me, sitting at a booth and putting his urn down across from him. “Edith and I would each like a bowl of ramen and some cornbread.”

“Got it.” I scooped up his unused menu and went back to the kitchen with his order.

“Well,” Mae demanded. “Did he order lunch for his dead wife again?”

“Don’t be mean,” I said. “He treats her better than your boyfriend treats you!”

“True,” she admitted. “But at least my man wears rum-scented aftershave, not emu poo.”

She had a point there. I served Willard and Edith their lunch, trying not to get too near, but it was soup, and I didn’t want to spill it.

Then it got busy, so I had to run around and serve other customers.

“Thanks Uma,” Willard said when I returned to his table to clear their dishes. “By the way, Edith wanted to compliment you on your giant pumpkins. She also said you really earn your tips.”

“My what?!” I must have misheard and touched my ear.

Willard nodded. “Yep, those are some big ones. We’ll probably be ordering pie.”

“Oh… you meant pumpkins in the garden.” I laughed.

Willard gave me a strange look. “Where else would they be? Just one slice though. I don’t think Edith is that hungry today. She barely touched her soup.”


Written for Rory’s What’s Your Story Then?

Words made from manure: are, arm, ear, earn, emu, Mae, man, manure, me, mean, menu, name, near, ramen, rum, run, Uma, urn

Image from Pexels.

©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

12 responses to “My Giant Pumpkins! [fiction 255]

  1. You are the Queen of this game/prompt!👑👏 I look forward to seeing what you do with it every time!🌟😻

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  2. Aww, so touching story. You’re great at these challenges.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ha ha that’s effing brilliant!! I am still laughing, marvelously done Paula 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. haha – that was fun to read! 🙂

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