PFF34: Me & Them

Friday Flashback

Welcome to Paula’s Friday Flashback! This is a challenge begun by Fandango and it’s fun to see what we posted back when (as well as the comments). The below is a reblog of a post I made on January 26, 2012, almost exactly 8 years ago, when I was still doing the dating thing 🤮 and optimistic I would find my soulmate as a 50-something divorcée. How silly I was!

PS: I still have the stripey sweater!

Heather Locklear, Demi Moore… and Me

I may not have a kazillion dollars and be incredibly gorgeous and all, but I think I’m doing a little bit better than those gals, not to brag or anything.

The three of us are about the same age, have had recent painful break-ups, and here’s how we’re handling things.

Heather: drinks too much, goes to rehab, engages in criminal battery.

Demi: quits job, does weird drugs (whip- its?), is hospitalized.

Me: adopts cat, joins eHarmony, buys stripey sweater for date tomorrow night.

Yes, OK, the stripey sweater thing is a little crazy.

But I didn’t want to be forced into cardigan rehab.

/end reblog


Image from Pexels.

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5 responses to “PFF34: Me & Them

  1. Whip-its are just nitrous oxide, aka “laughing gas.” It’s used to make whipped cream and makes your mind spin around like a tilt-a-whirl for about 90 seconds.

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  2. I did the cougar thing after splitting with my ex. I was 40… it didnt last. They’re fun to test drive, but I wouldn’t want to own one😉😂
    I agree with your other commenter, I think Demi was having an aging crisis… Ashton isnt quite all that!

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    • I can see dating someone a few years younger or older, but once you get up to 10 or more, that’s a huge difference in lifestyle unless maybe you’re so wealthy it doesn’t matter. For me, I don’t want to be with a retired man while I’m still working, nor do I want to contemplate retirement while my partner has years to go. That’s a huge deal to me.

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