A Car She Loved To Drive

Jim Adams is hosting MLM’s challenge this week and featuring Eddie Money’s song “Shakin’.” The line about Rosanna’s daddy having a car she loved to drive reminds me of the car I learned to drive on ~ my dad’s rust-colored Plymouth Satellite. I recently used “Plymouth” in Code Names hoping that one of my brainiac friends would say satellite and indeed that happened. Not everyone would know this, but a guy on my team was from Detroit and knows the name of every car ever made (I think).

Anyway, I loved driving back then in Illinois when I was 16-17. I didn’t even mind starting the old Satellite 15 minutes before it was time to leave, when it was below zero, so it wouldn’t stall out in the intersections. Good times. Later, my parents let me drive their new car, a big Ford LTD II. That was super nice and didn’t need to be pre-started.

Once my dad called me to the dining room table when he was paying bills, including the Shell credit card he’d given me. You’ve been driving a lot, he said. Yes, I know, I said. I mentioned to him how much I loved to drive. Do you know how much gas costs, he asked. I did not. Eighty cents a gallon!

Yikes! I had to try to be more careful!


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15 responses to “A Car She Loved To Drive

  1. Oh, the price of gas! When I got my license at age 16 it was 55 cents/gal in SoCal. I bought a fuel-efficient Datsun as my first car when I turned 18 and was grateful for that when the price hit $1.10/gal (and we had an oil shortage again). The pump went back to showing 55 cents/gal, and hand-written signs read “price is twice what pump shows” since nobody ever thought Americans would be paying dollar amounts for a gallon of gasoline.

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  2. Oh my! The LTD II was a fave of mine. I tinkered with my parents LTD II around the time I was graduating high school. It felt good. But what I drove most was the family truck, the old F100. Many adventures were had! And I sure hated to see the LTD II go, years later, but part of me knew it was time. Great nostalgic post!

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  3. Hey, I remember $.80 a gallon days! Good times, good hair, and bellbottoms.

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  4. I learned to drive on my parents’ ’84 Ford LTD. It was quite the beast to have to parallel park.

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  5. HA! eighty cents a gallon… those were the days! I think gas was $1.25/gallon my senior year of high school, 1986. I had a little 1970 Datsun 510 and my friends and I could cruise up and down the streets by the beach all night for pocket change.
    Great songs and great memories! Thanks Paula!🧁

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  6. LOVED the video of Beach Boys! And 80 cents gas??? I actually remember when we thought that was outrageous!

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  7. When I first started driving, gas was 35 cents a gallon. Nice song Paula.

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