On Our Way [socs]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

On our wayto better days. That’s what we say, pumped up with our New Year’s Goals. Like many others, I’ve vowed to get in better shape… and the parking lot at the gym is crowded now. Yes, I drive to the gym, even though it’s in my condo complex, since management can’t seem to program my electronic key to get me through the last walk-thru gate. It’s like the opening sequence to Get Smart, if you’re old enough to remember that show. But whenever I ask about the key, the person who needs to deal with it has just left for the day. 🙄

I’m trying to avoid getting raging angry about so many things (another resolution). So what if I can’t walk through to the gym? It’s not the worst thing in the world. Now, the gate closest to my apartment has quit working from the outside… that’s okay, right? They’ll fix it eventually and it’s fine to take the long way around to a different gate. More exercise! Plus, it’s not like I do everything perfectly myself… I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life too. As long as one gate works, and I can get home… like, whatever. 😜

My three words are from the chapter titled “Worth” in Jennifer Weiner’s book Hungry Heart. I don’t know why I purchased this book, except it has a picture of an upscale looking Hostess cupcake on the cover. I don’t think I’ve read any of her novels. I wanted to enjoy this book, because cupcake and also a smart and funny writer writing smartly and humorously about feeling fat and unloved… that’s so unusual! 🙃

But HH is incredibly tedious and dejavuey… like haven’t a million other smart fat girls written smartly and fatly about being smart and fat? Yawnnnn. And I find myself skimming much of Jennifer’s complaining. I loved her trip to Israel though, and how she finally decided to say eff it regarding other people’s opinions when she returned. Yeah! Who cares what people think! 😎

I thought the story would really take off from there, but no, back to yawwnville. An autobiography doesn’t have to be boring; I’ve read interesting ones. But they need to be edited, and saggy sections should be cut. Am I going to abandon it? No, I’ll probably skim the rest, so I can get credit for it on Goodreads. And I remain hopeful that there is something more to it I can enjoy, since I did get totally immersed in the one section. 🤩

Speaking of saggy things, exercise makes you hungry. If you burn up 100 calories on a bike, your brain will say hello time for a vat of pasta. And you can say no brain we are having a sensible scoop of tuna and some yummy crisp veggies. But our brain is sulking and plotting on how to trip us up. It’s not about being a “good” person or a “bad” person; we all come from a long line of people who avoided starving to death when there was very little food. Yay us and our superhero metabolisms. 😜

I see I forgot to finish this post Friday night and schedule it at 4am Saturday because I’ve been obsessed with watching Jeopardy on Netflix this week (not the GOAT thing, but catching up from last year). When I got home at 10, I turned on the TV, forgetting all about blogging. That’s unusual for me, but these are strange times. 😳

Luckily, I woke up earlier than God… and the first thing I thought of was yikes I didn’t post for SOCS! 😱


Image credit to Shelley Krupa.

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29 responses to “On Our Way [socs]

  1. Hope you stick with your resolutions. 👍👍👍

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  2. The Jeopardy GOAT thing: holy crap, the questions are hard. They had one category with three different things in one answer. Ken cleaned-up on that. I’m calling it “the best of the best” like the old martial arts film. 🙂 Oh and in one final they had to write out the first six words of the Gospel of John from the Bible. They all got that one right, I was relieved to see, as I was once a Theology student. Anyway, love the blog. Your writing is so perfectly balanced!

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    • Thanks so much! I was pleased to find Jeopardy on Netflix ~ didn’t know they had it. It’s fun to watch and know the occasional question before any of the guests. They are hard, can’t wait until I’m at the championship round! 🤩


  3. I think you’re doing pretty well.
    But I think you should get ‘forceful’ once in a while. 💖

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  4. The Guess Who in their song ‘No Time’ sing “on my way to better things I found myself some wings”.

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  5. I’m finding the Jeopardy GOAT thing a bit underwhelming. Brad Rutter is getting creamed and doesn’t seem to care. James (last name escapes me) doesn’t seem all that into it, and Ken Jennings is being his usual smug self. I’m hoping Ken wins on Tuesday so we can put it all behind us. These mega-champion events need a shakeup: there are so many champions that are a lot more interesting than these three…

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  6. As most things in our lives, another catch22. That’s why I dont watch tv, commercials. Things I love I cant have displayed temptingly or just an irritant I don’t need. The gate key thing is a whole other irritant 😳😎

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  7. Shame the book was yawnville. I like her kickass approach to saying sod it to what others think though. And exercise does make you hungry. But you need the food to give you the energy to exercise, right? So it’s all good 😉
    Caz xx

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  8. Cheesy pasta is the reason we have elastic waistbands😉
    Watching Jeopardy is a fun way to use all the random useless factoids my magpie brain collects. I didnt know it was on the Neffix🤔
    I like the Get Smart image of you walking through to the gym. Seems like that counts as a workout👍


  9. How well I remember the opening sequence of Get Smart. I can hear the music clearly in my head. I’d be writing a polite but persistent email and or letter to management about the gate thing. The trick for me would be not to get mad about it just send a friendly weekly reminder…. Good luck!

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