FPQ52: The Good Life

Fandango’s provocative question

Fandango provocatively asks…

What does living “the good life” mean to you? Do you think that you’re living “the good life”?

I’m going to guess that most people will answer in the affirmative to this question. They’ll say they’re living the good life, since anything else seems like admitting failure. We’re always supposed to upsell ourselves. My life is great! My marriage is fantastic! My new job is a blast! Six months later… divorce and bankruptcy court.

Cutting up marriage certificate

But I’m not most people. Not gonna upsell. (My phone doesn’t even believe that’s a word anyway.) I’m not living a “bad” life ~ obviously these definitions are subjective according to our own definition. In my case, I would say I am living an “okay” life.

To me, a good life would have included a happy long-term marriage. It’s not a whole lot of fun doing everything on my own as a single person… case in point, moving. Ugh! I had some help from friends, for which I am extremely grateful, but that’s not the same as a husband with whom you make mutually beneficial decisions. And it’s sure not making me happy to contemplate my lonely retirement on limited funds. Blah.

But as I said, it could be worse. Much worse. I could have ended up with one of the dating site psychos, gahhh. I could have made even stupider decisions than I did in all sorts of areas. No really! I could have.

There are lots of positives happening: good job, good friends, reasonable-ish health, adorable kitty, wonderful daughters, great sons-in-law, sweetest grand daughter, nice new place to live, etc.💖

Cute tuxedo kitty

But I’m plagued with chronic pain (yes, despite being in decent health otherwise). It keeps me from exercising and enjoying some of the good things around me. That gets me down a lot, and I don’t have one of those naturally bubbly type of personalities that goes wheeeeee it’s fine that my neck is all stabby… I’ll still go for a 5 mile joggeroo and smell the flowers cuz life is beautiful! Eff that. 😛

If I’d known I was going to be single at the end of the game, I would have focused more intently on education and career in my 20s. I had every opportunity, but wasn’t thinking about the big picture at that point. I could have done so much more… and made so much more money. You say money isn’t important? Try looking for a place to live in Southern California!😳

On the other hand, it’s gorgeous here. And there’s a lot to do, plus it’s still free to watch the sunsets over the ocean (not to park at the beach however). I’m glad I didn’t stay in Chicago, despite the pizza.🍕

There you have it. Again, not everything has to be extreme, good/bad, love/hate. My life is okay. Not great. Not terrible.

California sunset


Image credits to Fandango and me and idk about the orange scissors one so whatever.

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25 responses to “FPQ52: The Good Life

  1. so glad you have a happy life! So much to be thankful for! Esp living in souther cali! 😛

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  2. I admire your honesty.

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  3. Well, the only thing life is, is the opposite of death. So, good. Anyway, happiness is just moments.

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  4. Well, at the end of the day, it’s better to have lived the “the okay life” than the bad life.

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  5. Being on your own has some benefits. Lots of head space and time to enjoy what’s there in front of you. That’s one of my way to be good with life. 😄

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  6. I love the concept of “an okay life”.

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  7. Not everyone is or can live a good life. But I’d say an okay life is way better than a bad one. ❤️

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  8. I’m living a better life. Better than my abusive marriage. Better than before I got the pain pump. Better than when we were flat broke.
    Hopefully it continues to get better. For me and you and all the cool peeps😉

    We seriously PAY for those sunsets!

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  9. I relate to so much in this post. Early career & education decisions, late in life being single, facing financially limited retirement. But I don’t have the benefit of friends who live close to help me when I move, which I’ve pretty much determined is going to have to happen. Ugh. Maybe my sons will.

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  10. https://hbsuefred.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/sometimes-good-enough-is-ok/
    Just went back and read, or at least skimmed, this entry. Might be something I need to do, and remind myself of the sentiment and basis thereof, more often.

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