321 Quote Me ~ Age Is Just A Number

Welcome back to Rory’s game! This is his new upgraded version where there are no tags and we jump in to play whenever we please. Welp, it pleases me to begin now!

Here are 3 quotes on topic…

Scrolling for birthdate Pole dancing in bathtub Lucille Ball on aging

Next, we have 2 pieces of music…

And finally here’s 1 image for the theme…

Red roses

What does this have to do with aging? It has to do with me being happy with what I have, appreciating a peaceful weekend with my family, minus that low buzz of anxiety and sadness because I hear a voice in my head telling me I should have more (a romantic relationship). It’s taken me a long time to age into this place of goodness and thankfulness.


Images other than my own roses found on Google.

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10 responses to “321 Quote Me ~ Age Is Just A Number

  1. Great selection Paula.

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  2. Young Paul was singing ’bout a cougar… I love it!
    Except for my body not cooperating with what my mind thinks it should be able to do, I’m loving my 50s so far. There’s still lots of time for romance, but only drama free romance. I’d rather be single (or self-partnered) than deal with all the drama again.

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  3. Nicely done Paula, and many thanks once more – loved the first quote, ha ha l look at the scroll down and think really?? But then on one l saw it had 1899 and l was like WTF???? Hell to be that date ha ha!

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  4. Paula, I love the memes you chose… Those were hilarious!
    I’m so happy that your found such comfort with your family and feelin content with yourself. God Bless You! 💓

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