One-Liner Wednesday

Cookie Monster

Let me tell you about my flight to Oakland last night. I was flying out of Long Beach, boarding time 7:15PM. I left my place at 4:15 for a 20 mile drive because we are talking about SoCal traffic on the 405. It was all a crawl, natch, but still I arrived in plenty of time, checked in, all that. Found out my flight was delayed 20 minutes. No biggie. I began to read a book on Kindle. At least I wasn’t on the Sacto flight, which had been delayed hours.

After a while, they began to give the Sacto peeps vouchers. I bought some coffee. When the vouchers were sorted out, my fight was now delayed an hour. Okay fine. I was 30% done with my book by now. Then we began to board. Found a seat, etc. We were all settled in and the captain came on the intercom to tell us that the power was out in Oakland.

Yep. Planes were trapped on the ground and new ones could not fly in. They were fixing it. When would it be fixed? Dunno. So, I kept reading. Most of the plane was filled with young folks. They all thought this was a great time to talk to each other and chat on their phones. So annoying! Why can’t people just text? The girl next to me called her mom to complain that it was the worst day ever and she was starving to death. To be fair to her, they didn’t serve any snacks on this flight, not even that tiny crappy bag of pretzels.

Finally, at 9:20 we took off. Really, this was only an hour and a half late. I was around 60% done with my book. I’m really glad it was an engrossing story because the flight was bumpy especially at the end. They made the people with beverages give them up about 5 minutes after serving. Oh well. (I didn’t get one anyway.) At least I got here! It was so windy cold and rainy in Oakland though. I was prepared for it, but even so… brrrr.

The arrival line was super busy and my daughter had a hard time finding me even at almost 11PM. But we finally connected and it was awesome to see her and jump into her warm car. And guess what? She brought me a cookie!

Frosted cookie

For the record, this is a different cookie. They have a whole package in the house. Er half a package… 😍


Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday

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24 responses to “One-Liner Wednesday

  1. The ending made me chuckle. Such a cookie monster.

    Isn’t it the absolute worst when you are trying to read while others chat?

    It’s dumbfounding to me how with all the technology, any little thing can mess things up. Last time I flew, a tiny bit of snow and cold caused flights to be canceled and delayed by 12 hours. And it’s not like it happened in a place that is not used to it. The cold wasn’t nearly as bad as it will be the next couple of months and yet something froze, making it impossible for people to get off the plane at the gate they arrived at.

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  2. Don’t they have generators? Or solar power lighting?

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  3. I think you travel with the right attitude. I like to be early for everything and I take delays in stride. I also wear noise-cancelling headphones with a little music playing to drown out the poor poor pitiful wining. Good thing your daughter brought you a cookie 🙂

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  4. Glad you did finally make it okay, even with the delays. I hear there are lots of delays and such because of the weather. Not fun for holiday traveling. Once we got stranded in Dallas (DFW) because of a freak blizzard!
    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  5. Ah, the magic of cookies😻 And hugs from the girls of course.

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  6. I haven’t been on an airplane since I retired almost three years ago and I don’t miss it at all. Happy Thanksgiving, Paula.

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  7. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m with you on the 1 1/2 hour delay better than being cancelled

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  8. You got there at the end, read your book on the way and was greeted by your loving daughter. The bonus was the cookie!

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  9. The Oakland news spent 10 minutes on how bad bad it was at the Oakland Airport. So glad there were cookies waiting for you.

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  10. A good book and a cookie can make everything better.

    What was the title that helped you survive your ordeal?

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  11. Thanks. I will try to find it.

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