Shooze Nooz [socs]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

I’ve been feeling pretty darn proud of myself for dumping so much stuff prior to my move, but even so… there’s a long way to go. The otter day I was staring at my shoes and I thought, hmm, I haven’t worn this pair in ages, these are uncomfy, and those are falling apart. Boom!💥 Three pairs in the trash. Not to mention a couple pair I dumped earlier.

Then yesterday I got the mail and what do I see? Yep, a flyer from DSW. Dammit! For those who don’t know, that’s Designer Shoe Warehouse, aka my favorite shoe store. And they are having a big turkey day sale. Gobble! 🦃

But but but… I still have too much stuff! (Tho ya know I could use some cute white sandals for summer, just saying…) Then I see the sale is for TURKEY DAY ONLY. Oh good! I’ll be gone turkey day, whew. Now I won’t be tempted to buy All The Shooze.

But wait. What do I see in the fine print?

“Use offer code BIGTHANKS to redeem online.”

Big thanks? I think not.

I just tucked the ad into my suitcase. Maybe my daughter and I can shop after pie. 🙄


Written for Linda’s SOCS

Image credit to Shelley Krupa

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24 responses to “Shooze Nooz [socs]

  1. Oh dear now I am making a note of that sale! ❤🥿👢👡🛍

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  2. You will buy online. 😂💖

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  3. I love this! You’re so funny!! 🤗

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  4. I never caught the shoe bug. Maybe because back in the 80s finding cute shoes in size 10 was next to impossible.

    Enjoy browsing online with your daughter…that’s the fun part!!😻

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  5. Shopping online after pie is a whole lot safer than stampeding Walmart to buy one of the 5 big-screen TV’s they’re selling on Thursday night…

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  6. I loved this! All those tempting ads. I just throw them all right away. I used to be able to take advantage of them, not any more. I also threw away a couple of pairs of shoes a few months ago. Now I have three sneakers and two black for dressing up. It does feel good to give away to the needy clothing that’s in fine shape and whatever else goes into the bin. I tend to wear stuff out till faded etc, so it’s definitely the bin for them.

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  7. Discipline is hard! Stuck to your plan ! 😉

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  8. oh no oh no OH NO — not a DSW sale!! This is taking an extraordinary amount of self-control.

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