Doggie Dreams

Stream of consciousness Saturday

Once I had a dream of dogs and they were frightening, a whole pack, about to attack and kill me, circling around. It was mixed in with driving and my ex… I posted about it, I think, but we aren’t supposed to go look things up in our SOCS. Yesterday or the day before I dreamt of dogs again. It’s not a theme that recurs (npi) frequently, so it’s significant, imo. I don’t dream about cats either. Animals simply don’t inhabit much real estate in my dreamland. Anyway, I did look up the meaning of doggie dreams, not that I necessarily believe in any of that woo. Supposedly, dogs represent fidelity, loyalty, protection, and self-defense. But those would be nice dogs… my old dream wasn’t about nice dogs and my recent dream was about two huge, scary dogs jumping on me, one at a time, putting their paws on my shoulders, and staring into my eyes. Each time, I was sure I would die. Their owner, a mean horrible man I don’t know, stood to the side and did nothing. But the dogs didn’t hurt me, despite the fact that he didn’t call them off. I was terrified though.

The dream interpretation site said that a dog in a dream could be a self-protective emotional barrier, so maybe the doggies that put their paws on my shoulders weren’t dangerous. They could have been guarding me from something. The man may have been irrelevant. There were two dogs. One was brown, which may mean I feel out of control wrt to a relationship or may be starting a new one. And the other doggo was white, symbolizing friendship and happiness. I guess this doggie dream was a much better dream than the first one, where the dogs were aggressive and chasing me ~ symbolizing anger with my ex. Even though these last two doggos were huge and put their paws on me, there was no actual threat.

Sometimes a dog is just a dog. 💖

Adorable golden retriever puppy


Images credits Shelley Krupa and Diane K.

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17 responses to “Doggie Dreams

  1. Disturbing dreams.

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  2. I had bad dreams last night, I sympathize with you 💜

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  3. The next time that you dream about dogs, tell them to “Sit”, as you need to control them and stay in charge.


  4. It took me a bit to get the pun☹ I needs more coffee☕
    I used to have a reoccurring dream about opening the fridge and a grip of alligators came out and chased me. I’ve never figured that one out🤔 Its Interesting what our minds do when they’re unsupervised 😉

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    • Ooh, I had a gator dream once in high school! It chased me around the pinball/ hot pretzel shop where my friend worked and I had to climb on the counter. So scary yikes. Thanks for that reminder 🐊


  5. It’s interesting to recall what we dreamed about. I’m sure I’ve dreamed about the dogs & cats that we’ve had, but nothing scary. One time there were giant rabbits leaping all around our back yard – that one was scary! haha 🙂

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    • The few dreams I’ve had about animals have been extremely vivid and memorable. Wolf, worms (2), alligator, lizard, and now dogs twice. That’s in 58 years! I know there have been some cats but I don’t remember them.

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  6. Thinking about it, I don’t dream of animals either! Interesting! I like the comparison with your ex, not sure if he would like to know it!

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  7. Oh my, I would not like that dream. I would not like it AT ALL.

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  8. Disturbing! I extremely rarely dream about animals, but about 30 years ago I was in a phase where I kept dreaming about two red-and-white cats. Borrowed a friend’s dream interpretation book and learned red-and-white cats predict death. Within days of each other, one coworker lost a fiance, another her mother. I’m happy I stopped having those kinds of dreams!

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