Sun in the Fun

Bitmoji in shades

A lovely new follower I suggest you check out, Chaotic Blonde (what a fabulous name!), has gifted me the Sunshine Award! Thank you so much, CB! 😍

These days, I’m not much into posting awards and tagging others, but I will still answer questions people have taken the time to compose (when I have the time).

1. What made you want to create a blog?

This blog was created in March 2011 as an outlet to post song lyrics, poetry, etc. that related to my emotional distress at the time. It changed as my circumstances did.

2. Do you prefer writing at night, or in the day?

Whenever the mood strikes, but mostly at home, at night. 🌙

3. What was the last film that made you cry?

Hmm, I can’t remember. It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything good/moving.

4. What’s an interest that not many people know you have?

People were surprised recently when I expressed interest in going to a reptile farm, but snakes are fascinating. 🐍

5. Describe yourself in three words.

Funny, reliable, neat.

6. If you were a cocktail, what would you be?

Irish coffee. ☘️

7. Do you believe in astrology?


8. Name three things on your bucket list.

Travel by train; finish all my WIPs; learn to crochet.

9. Do you think happiness comes from within, or that it’s something to be shared?


10. To you, what is love?


11. What’s changed the most about your writing style since you first started out?

I quit writing “poast” because it annoyed Fandango.


Image credit to the Bitmoji app.

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25 responses to “Sun in the Fun

  1. Interesting answers…especially loved the one on love…chemicals..most apt

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  2. It was fun knowing more about your fun personality.

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  3. You are my sunshine
    My only sunshine
    You make me happy

    Oh, wait… you’re not my older daughter😛
    I can’t sing her “song” to you, but I can offer congrats🎉🌞and a cookie🍪

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah, so that’s where poast went! Kinda miss it, even if it annoyed me, too, because it was so YOU.

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  5. And I’m so glad you stopped writing “piastres.” So annoying! 🙄

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  6. Congratulations Paula. Great answers.

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  7. Youtibe has some of the best crocheting tutorials I have ever seen.
    I’ve been crocheting since I was 11. However, I didn’t know a lot of different stitches. I went on there and learned how to make a shawl, and a new type of blanket. Check it out.
    Youtube, Crochet For Beginners.

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  8. I remember telling you that you spelled poast wrong, but I never made a big deal out of it. Congratulations on your new award.


  9. I LOVED these answers, Paula!💙💫

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