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Rory continues his Really You game with a second round of questions today…

1. Do you hoard clutter or constantly de-clutter?

As Melanie noted, clutter and hoarding are two separate things, though of course one can be a hoarder with a cluttered house. My mother, forex, was extremely neat and clean, and her homes were always free of dust and clutter, but she did hoard some weird stuff in the back of the closets. Some men I’ve known have been messy with a lot of clutter around, but I wouldn’t call them hoarders. They’re just too busy or lazy to clean up. I’ve also known messy hoarders who would literally freak out at the idea of tossing away any of their precious garbage. Ughhh. Impossible to date these people. Can’t even imagine what would happen if two of ’em ended up together… 😱

As far as me, I am neither a clutterer nor a hoarder ~ in fact, I’m notorious for throwing things away. That’s how I relieve stress. Delete delete delete! Ahhhh… Right now, I’m in the process of moving and have tossed a ton of things away and also have donated some stuff to Goodwill. It makes me feel fantastic to lighten up! I only wish I could afford to dump everything and start over completely! Well, not everything. I do have some sentimental attachment to photo albums and books, etc. But clothing and furniture and useless knickknacks bought on a whim? Meh.

Love empty clean space…

Empty clean room hardwood floor

2. Do you enjoy cooking – if so what is your ‘special dish’  and if not what is the dish you wish you could create?

This is a complicated question. I loved cooking when I was young, but it was also a form of control for me. I wanted to know exactly what I was eating and how much in order to count calories. Later, I lightened up about that, but at the same time became more adept in estimating the calories in restaurant foods (pro-tip: always higher than you imagine), plus there are a zillion guides and charts now. I was happy to cook for my family and figure out ways to create meals we could all enjoy. I never forced anyone to eat anything they disliked cuz I hate when people do that to me.

But now I’m alone. It’s not fun to cook for myself and have to clean up a sink full of dishes after. I dislike buying in quantities I know will go to waste, eat the same meal 5 times, or freeze it in blobs. Occasionally, I’ll make something for a potluck, but with so many people now vegan or gluten-free or paleo… meh. It’s just easier to stop at the store for a fruit bowl or whatever. I keep careful track of my finances, and I’m not spending more now that I’ve quit bothering to cook for myself.

When I was dating (barf), I thought it would be romantic to cook with someone, but things never progressed to that point. I kept running into these man-babies who were looking to be coddled and nurtured by having someone prepare hot meals for them when they came over. Welp… I work full-time same as they do. I am totally not into slaving away over a stove for some dude while he watches the game. It’s not 1950, hello!

June Cleavage costume cherry pie

3. What are we likely to find in your condiment cupboard?

I just threw everything away! 🤣🤣🤣


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13 responses to “More About Meeee

  1. Great answers. My roommatte is like one of those boyfriends of yours and expects me to cook for her because she doesn’t cook, but as I mentioned in my answers… She’s a slob. The kitchen and rest of the house is flat out, disgusting. I love to cook, but not in an uns and bath are the sanitary kitchen. No Way!
    My room an bath are the cleanest in the house. Her family calls my space the hotel. I’m Felix to her Oscar.

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  2. I used to think it would be fun to have a girlfriend who helped me work on my car. Or, you know, worked on my car while I cooked dinner. This never happened. But, seriously, I’m a terrible cook and everyone should be glad I know that and honor it.

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    • I think it’s more fun to pay Toyota to work on my car, since they know what they’re doing, and go out to eat. Once an ex tried to fix my car, goofed it up, and I had to get a rental. 🙄


  3. Why are you moving? Just curious because it seems to me Americans move a lot, and since I’ve been stuck in the same place since 1986, I’m curious. (Granted, I own this place, so not really stuck and no landlords to deal with.) Oh, did I mention I’m curious?

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    • I hate moving! And I always said I wouldn’t move all the time like my parents did, but I keep doing it, grrrr. This time, it’s because they raised my rent outrageously (LA and OC have been going bananas with rent increases), while simultaneously dropping everything nice. They fired the handyman, so now the place looks like crap. They eliminated guest parking. And they refuse to fix anything in my apartment. A friend and I decided to go in together on a nicer place in Fountain Valley and split expenses. Hopefully I can stay there until retirement! This was actually a 6 year stay, the longest I’ve been somewhere since my married life.

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  4. Ha ha and some more ha ha’s for fun – ‘manbabies’ ha ha love that!!

    You know, you use this word Forex a lot and l mean a lot, that’s fine … but everytime you were using it, l was like what on earth does Paula mean by saying Foreign Exchange all the time, is this some mystery l should know?? It was literally today that l sussed it ..

    My mother, forex, was extremely neat and clean [ Me – WTF??] Is it

    My mother, foreign exchange, was extremely neat and clean [Me – WUTT!?]

    Duh the golden ding moment , oh Rory you don’t suppose she means this do you?? Have we found the vessel in the holy grail?

    My mother, for example, was extremely neat and clean!!

    Nicely answered to all three and as usual thanks for playing

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  5. I got the ping back as it happens. Maybe ‘they’ (wordpress elves) are being nice because they want me to renew. I mean REALLY want me to renew…is that obsession? Maybe. Great answers btw. That image of the clean bare room sent chills down my spine….I LOVE the idea of places like that and I’d love to be a minimalist. I’ve come to embrace the fact that I never will though. As to the cooking thing…you should do for you (now that you’re solo on the matter) as you like. As mentioned it took me almost six years to get my cooking mojo back..

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