My Bad

Bitmoji sorry

Bloggers have been discussing plagiarism as it relates to images. While I have strong opinions about “regular” plagiarism, I’ve been sloppy with respect to pics. For the ones on Pixabay, they say no attribution is necessary, so I’ve been taking them at their word there. I also don’t bother crediting the ones from Pexels which are right here on the WordPress tab ~ it literally says “free photo library.” However… I can see that people might get confused and believe they are my photos when they aren’t. 🤯

Obviously the pictures from the Happy Color app are not mine, since the HC logo appears in the image itself. I see no need to be redundant and state it again, though I was doing so at first. And bitmojis are from their own app, even if not marked (not my problem ~ I’ve been putting “bitmoji” in the alt text lately). But my own photos (or ones I’m using with permission from family) should be noted, just to discourage others from believing they were found on a free site. I probably should put a mark on them, not that it couldn’t be chopped off. Such a pain. I’ll get right on it…

The main problem is google images. I have some on here, uncredited. I think I used to say I found an image on google, but then figured eh why bother. Google doesn’t need my help in promotion, plus saying you found an image by grabbing it off google doesn’t really give credit to the copyright holder if there is one. That’s like saying hey thanks big box store where I stole a little piece of candy! I’m sure the big boxers are grateful for the mention. 🙄

Think about it. If you take a photo of your lunch today and plop it on your blog, after a while it will end up in the great googly image warehouse. Next year, someone googles “bagel sandwich” and finds your photo, saves it, and plops it on their blog. They state: “found on google.” How does this give you any credit for your photo? It doesn’t. But at least this other blogger isn’t saying she took the photo herself. I guess that’s something.

Paula Light’s bagel sandwich

Anyway, henceforth and forthwith I vow to be clearer with image crediting until I forget again. When I do inevitably forget, here’s a rule of thumb: bad photos are mine; good photos are someone else’s. Hope that helps! 🤣


Images from the Bitmoji app and Paula Light’s personal collection.

©️2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

22 responses to “My Bad

  1. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle! 😂

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  2. Oy…. so I should watermark all of my photos?

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  3. Naturally, if you created your own image, there is no need for credit.
    I wish I had a functioning brain to create like you do.

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  4. Wow. I never thought about this, and I haven’t given any credit to the photos I use from the WordPress free library. Should I worry? 😒

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  5. All the photos on the free sites have a Creative Commons no attribution license; I choose to attribute, but there’s no need to.

    And you’re right about Google. Google Images is never the source for those images, and most of the images that show up are covered under copyright.

    Another one that’s dicey is Pinterest. Unless you’re sure of the source of the image you never know. Copyright holders do sometimes go after pins; I’ve gotten notices before from Pinterest that some of my pins have been deleted because whoever first posted them to Pinterest violated copyright.

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  6. I am there with you. But sometimes it is difficult to find the actual contributor of the image.

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  7. Someone sent me an email and accused me of using his image without his permission. I had cited the source of the image in my post and the source was a museum. I wrote back to the guy and told him the source and said that if he could verify that it was his image, I’d be happy to update my citation. I never heard from him again.

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  8. I sometimes use Pixabay, and say so, but not always mention a name. I had no idea WP had a free photo library! Where is it?
    I like your last statement, and it goes for me too – if the photo is good, it’s not mine – if it’s not very good – it’s mine. I doubt anyone would really want much of what pictures I post.

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  9. bad photos are mine; good photos are someone else’s. Hope that helps! 🤣 ……….ha ha ha 🙂


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