Glow [flash 341]

Golden glowing sunrise with a pink and lavender sky

“Let’s use the darker shades now to layer our sky,” Anita instructed. “We want to get a sense of the deep lavender hues of the waning night, and then we’ll put the bright light of the golden sun last.”

She stood back to admire her painting in progress–her best one yet. She was really nailing this Glow series. But then she glanced over at Michael, who seemed to be having quite a bit of difficulty. Poor guy. He didn’t seem to be focused. She walked over to help him.

“Hey, honey. That’s a really good start.” Anita swirled her own brush through his pink mixture. “Let’s just brighten up your sky a bit here and here, okay?”

He was so non-responsive. But that was the trouble with guys like Michael. You gave and you gave and they didn’t care at all. They acted like you should worship them or something. The hell with that!

“Now look, sweetie. You’ve got way too much chocolate brown there for the tree. For heaven’s sake!” Anita began painting over Michael’s tree with conviction. “I’ll fix it. It’s always my job to fix things, isn’t it?”

She stepped back to view his canvas. Much better. “What do you think?” She nudged his shoulder and he toppled off the chair and onto the floor.

“Dammit!” Anita was annoyed. Now she’d have to take time away from painting to get Michael situated properly in the chair again, which wasn’t easy given how stiff he’d become already. She bent down to pull him up and noticed that he’d begun to smell.

Painting class was officially over. Anita picked up her finished canvas and her unused paints and put them in her truck. She doused the studio with gasoline and tossed a flaming rag through the window before driving away. As she headed for the freeway, she saw the glow of the burning building bathe the early morning sky.

She really didn’t cope well with rejection. Hopefully the next man wouldn’t be such a jerk.


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35 responses to “Glow [flash 341]

  1. A bit different than Anita in my “Glow” story… It is difficult to get a good response from a dead man, or at least so I’ve heard. They just don’t seem to make lively paintings and all.

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  2. Brilliant!! I love it!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. This is absolutely brilliant, Paula!! I love the picture too!! ❀

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  4. A rather permanent way of ‘fixing things’! πŸ˜‰

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  5. Oh now that was a great way to fix things and I had no idea where you were going. Great story.

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  6. At first I was thinking how rude for her to just come paint over his canvas. Then … eek! Lots of other things to think about with that ending. πŸ™‚

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  7. Anita was decisive and she knew what she liked, but other than that, she was rather daft.

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  8. A gruesome story!

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  9. Hell hath no fury….

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  10. Wonderfully writtne… I really enjoyed th storyline. πŸ€—

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  11. OMG!!! LOL!!!! Love your dark humor!

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  13. Oh so creepy! Loved it Paula ☺️

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  14. Never saw that ending at all! Oooh!

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  15. πŸ˜€ Painting and predetermination, eh?

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