321 Quote Me ~ Nature’s Best

Rory has switched his tag game to a prompt game, and this week his theme is as stated in the title… Nature’s Best! 🌹

My three quotes on the topic are as follows. I tried to find ones that are a bit off the beaten path (so to speak) and also have meaning to me personally, given that I’m not exactly Ms. Wilderness.

Leaves and poetry

Game of Thrones

Purple butterfly

Next are my two music choices in keeping with the theme…

Last but not least is one photo of the beach from my very own special collection. I really love this one and hope you do too!



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16 responses to “321 Quote Me ~ Nature’s Best

  1. Love the very first quote Paula

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  2. Nature is such a stress reliever.
    Nice quotes.

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  3. Love the vista! It’s so serene. Great quotes!

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  4. Great quotes, song choices and a fabulous beach image – nicely played Paula 🙂

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  5. I really love the first quote, but the second one sends chills down my spine. UGH, I’m so not looking for to Winter coming. 🥶

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  6. Lovely quotes, gorgeous beach photo—and such stupid unicorns. 🤣🤣

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  7. 😻 pretty litter box, too much water😻

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