Gone Nuts, Back Soon

Nuts are supposed to be good for you, but trust me when I say I’ve gone way past my RDA. That would be my Recommended Dating Allowance, btw. What were you thinking? Yep, my five-year foray around the dating sites produced quite the variety of mixed nuts, some saltier than others, some spicy, others honey-coated… but in the end… all nuts, every last one. Nuttier than a fruitcake, if you put them all in a room together, which is something I would not recommend. Yes, I realize there must be something I do to attract all these nuts, or maybe I have some naturally occurring nut magnetism. Whatever it is, I certainly have dealt with my fair share of nuts. I am now on an indefinite nut break… for my own sanity. It wouldn’t do for me to turn into a nut too!


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24 responses to “Gone Nuts, Back Soon

  1. Nut-magnetisms!!!

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  2. If someone invented a nut-repellant they’d probably make a whole lot of money.

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  3. I thought I’d met ‘em all!

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  4. The world is full of them.

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  5. What a shame you’ve given up on dating
    Although I am nutter than most. ❤❤❤

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  6. Dan is right, the world IS full of them.

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  7. Have you heard the one about California being the cereal state? The land of fruits, nuts and flakes. 😂

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  8. I joined a dating site… WHY? I have absolutely no clue. Nuts do come to mind. Couldn’t figure out if was the one that was nuts for evev trying. 🤣

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  9. Fun read, although I met a few nuts in my early years, too.

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  10. Great. Now have the Mounds Bar jingle circling in my head.
    (“Sometimes you feel like a nut.
    Sometimes you don’t…)

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