PFF22: Orange You Glad?


Welcome to my Friday Flashback! This is a post from a little over 2 years ago when we still had the “official” WordPress Daily Prompt. Remember that? Now we’ve gone all DIY and idkay but I’m having lots of fun with it. We’re all so creative! Yay us! 😻


Never cared much for orange. It doesn’t complement my skin tone and it’s a sharp, nervous color. Hurry up, orange says, we haven’t got all day. While yellow connotes happy sunshine, and red reminds me of romantic valentines, orange taps its toe impatiently, obnoxiously. And don’t get me started on oranges themselves with their nasty little pits and stringy skin. Blech! (If we’re discussing orange cake, that’s another matter entirely.) The juice is fine, especially mixed with mango. But as for the colors, I much prefer to wander among the cool, smooth blues and greens and purples, taking my time.


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15 responses to “PFF22: Orange You Glad?

  1. I love all the tones of warm colors. Red ,yellow, orange, rust and brown. Though I can wear the browns and rusts, and certain shades of red.

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  2. I didn’t participate in those prompts, because I was not ready to write every day. I felt like there was a rather tight click of those who did. It seemed to be a great way to make connections.

    Interesting interpretation of orange. I love oranges as fruits. As far as colors are concerned, I keep it in a basket with yellow and brown. It’s a basket I never open. Ugh.

    I’ll wander with you.

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  3. I think Trump likes orange and he would look good in one of those jumpsuits.

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  4. I love this… I’m not a huge fan of orange, but I just got this really nice burnt orange outfit that looks so pretty. I don’t think I ever wore orange until now. 🤣

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  5. I am afraid orange now reminds me of fake tans.

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  6. Orange construction cones… delays… Yeah, orange is not a happy color, except orange kitties😽
    I like your beachy colors too! 😻

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  7. I like a bit of orange in home decorating (assuming it goes with other stuff). I like the warmth and energy. Nothing too dominating or bright, though. Like my Himalayan salt lamp.

    PS: Re salt lamps: Keep out of reach of pets! They’ll lick it and get sick!


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