Writer’s Block

Feather and ink

What do you think is the best way of dealing with writer’s block?

These days I don’t get writer’s block. My problem is the opposite: I always have too much to say and can get scattered. My mind is full of a zillion ideas and many seem worthwhile to pursue. While I’m writing a story, often another nags at me until I have to stop and give that one some attention. This is the reason that after all these years I’ve only completed a few novels. There are a whole bunch more in various stages of drafts. Hell, it’s hard to even finish a 5,000 word short story when I could pop on the ‘press and pound out a 500 word post or three. 👻

Some of you may have noted that I have two serial stories in progress on this blog right now. I’m bored with both of them, though not blocked. I know exactly how I want them to continue and end. But it’s simply more fun to start new things. I’ve also lost my motivation to finish my WIPs for my Kindle bookshelf, which may mean my OCD has succumbed to ADHD. A battle of the disorders! Ooh, that could be a cool story! 🤣

On the extremely rare occasion that I feel I want to write but words fail to flow, I get away from the keyboard and immerse in a different form of creativity, such as baking or coloring or listening to music. The words always return. 🎶


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23 responses to “Writer’s Block

  1. When I need to write. I use music and I read. I need proper sleep and active mind to write. My problem. Need more time. Busy life.

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  2. I am so glad they do always return to you! I rarely get writers block myself either! I write a lot on my blog and I enjoy it!

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  3. Too many good ideas jostling for attention. I am keenly following both of your stories so don’t leave them hanging in the middle. 😍

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  4. Thank you so much for such a lovely answer. My problem is similar to yours : too many ideas and not enough time or enetgy.
    I love your solution too.

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    Paula shares some writing insights with a very useful tip at the end :


  7. I’m like you. I have never just sat in front of the computer and waited in frustration for the words to come.. I keep a pen and notebook nearby to jot down inspiration when it does come.

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  8. I think that’s good that you do not encounter The Block much these days. I think I have a lot to say, but it doesn’t always fit my blog. Plus, I like to post longer content there and some ideas I do not wish to expound on. I should make better use of Twitter now that I have it. Because I do not have it on my phone, it is harder to open it up and Tweet. And no, I DO NOT want it on my phone. I could not stand the notification, the battery usage, etc.

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  9. Agreed, take yourself to a place where you cannot easily write, and you’ll be itching to get back to it.

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  10. Good post Paula, l am experiencing the same problem as you – a very busy mind, bouncing and brimming with ideas – l start l try to finish it becomes a struggle to hyperfocus – don’t have writer’s block but l do have time block as in there’s not enough TIME in the given day! Yarrrrr!!

    But normally l would stop and go out into the garden …oh wait a moment it’s raining …stillllllllllllll!!!

    Yes, mm — good post Paula – can totally relate on certain levels.

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