Green Is Good!

Green birdGreen candyGreen pond, white birdOrange kitty in green blanket Green St. Patrick’s products Kitty grassKitty grassHalloween brew with pumpkins

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


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23 responses to “Green Is Good!

  1. Beautiful pics..loved the cats

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  2. All that green is so good for our screen-weary eyes.
    And Gatsby is soooo cute .
    Say meow to him from me 🐱

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  3. My cats like to eat that cat grass.

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  4. The kitty hiding is so darn adorable… He/she want to do the sneak attack. LOL! 😊

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  5. My favorite photo is the green M&Ms. Wonderful gallery of greens 😀

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  6. You’ve convinced me!

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  7. Good finds! Including two Gatsbys 😻😻

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  8. Green is good on our eyes. Thanks for that.
    Now I want green M&Ms…

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