Playing Dress-Up [socs]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

Dressing up for Halloween used to be a thing I really looked forward to. Not talking about putting on a scary spider shirt, but actually going all out in costume. Guess I began getting into it when the girls were little… so much fun to plan our costumes, whether we were going out or having our own party, or just trick or treating. 🎃

Even after my girls moved away, I was still into the Halloween spirit for many years. I enjoyed playing dress-up generally, such as when I went to a renaissance fair. I loved themed parties of any kind. But lately the thrill has gone. I’m not planning a costume for this Halloween at all… will probably just wear a pumpkin or kitty sweatshirt. 😻

Part of the reason for this change of heart is because of my annoying eye sensitivity lately. For the past couple years, I’ve had difficulty wearing eye makeup because my eyes are so dry and itchy all the time. Even when I wear a little on a special occasion, it makes the itchies worse. And yes I buy the “good” brands. It’s just better not to wear any eye makeup at all. Wearing anything dramatic to go with a costume? Forget it! Last time I did, my eyes became fiercely irritated. 👿

Besides the makeup issue, I’m just not into the idea of spending money on costumes any longer. Or having them and their accessories take up room in my dwindling storage space. Boo humbug! 👻


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21 responses to “Playing Dress-Up [socs]

  1. We do tone down our dressing with time and age. The spirit is no longer that keen.

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  2. Halloween wasn’t really such a big thing here in the UK when I was growing up so no dressing up for me – or even my kids really. Looking forward to seeing what the grandkids get up to when they a bit bigger.

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  3. Part of the fun is finding what you already have and trying to come up with something different.

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  4. I feel the storage space issue more than anything. Good job with the prompt.

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  5. Halloween is my favorite. Now that the kids are grown, I miss the costume fun.


  6. Are the fires close to you?

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  7. Dressing in cool Halloween costumes was always a favorite. I don’t do much these days, though. I do have some cat ear headbands, or a little glitter top hat with a veil that I’ll put on. Just little touches as this is my favorite holiday. We don’t go anywhere, just hand out treats at the door. 🙂

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  8. When we take Ben out I “dress up” in one of my onesie jammies. I have Batman and I have Eeyore. I’m in the spirit and comfy at the same time👍


  9. I can relate. My kinds are grown and my eyes tend to water more lately. Any kind of make up just makes it worse. But our prompt has got me missing dressing up, so I’m wondering what costumes I could wear without make up. I used to have some bat earrings and could look for them. I keep threatening to get a green streak in my hair. One of these years, I’m going to do it! With our history of going all out on costumes, the simple things seem anti-climactic, but maybe we’ll have fun anyway.

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  10. No dressing up here in Norway. Halloween is a 21st century import. I’d go for a domino mask or something, if I wanted to change my face without make-up. But not being able to wear make-up at all rather sucks.


  11. I so used to love dressing up for Halloween too. My mother started the whole fiasco with making our costumes, and the tradition was handed to me. I loved spending time creating what costume I would wear to parties and such.
    Nowadays, eh. Maybe because of all the aches and pains and being annoyed with my roommate I’m just not into it this year.

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