About Last Night…

Last night I didn’t have any supplemental work, so I was free to catch up on my list of things. I could have begun a new great book or watched an interesting movie. I could have written a heartfelt poem or dived back into one of my novels in progress.

But no. I began watching this completely idiotic movie about a boy who was cursed to never find true love by a girl he rejected in spin-the-bottle. I couldn’t actually pay attention to it because it was so dumb, so I went into a coloring frenzy.

Steampunk jack-o-lanternHalloween sceneSteampunk moonBats and moonHappy Halloween


Laura’s October Challenge (Day 10)


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20 responses to “About Last Night…

  1. The results are amazing

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  2. Very nice!! I love coloring. Relaxing.

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  3. These are brilliant – was the octopuss one of yours as well?

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  4. These are great. You can do my walls anytime you want. I could look at your colourings for hours.

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  5. They’re all cool, but that bat is Way Cool! Print it out and hang it on the fridge cool!!😻

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  6. Lovely.
    I like the one with the three pumpkins and the crescent moon best.
    What materials do you use?
    Pencils or crayons or soft pastels?

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