A POP of Perception


Angie (aka King Ben’s Grandma) tagged me in Beckie’s positivity prompt. The theme this round is graciousness. Please pop over to Angie’s to read about the origins of the prompt along with her wonderful take on gracious greetings.

My idea of graciousness is rooted in being considerate. This probably comes from my years in administrative support. I’m always aware of people’s moods and when it’s a good time to stop and chitchat, and when a simple “good morning” will suffice. I try to be constantly aware of others’ moods. This is something that only works in person, of course.

Now that I’m noodling on it, this awareness of mood goes beyond my working life and back to my childhood (doesn’t everything?). My parents often argued bitterly, and this was scary to me, so I was forever “taking the temperature” of the room and adjusting my behavior accordingly. I needed to know if it was time to be funny or quiet or what.

I’m a person who says “good morning” with a smile, but I don’t go beyond that unless I perceive it will be welcomed. And I would rather err on the side of too little than too much. I don’t tell people to smile; honestly, I hate when people do that. It’s just so… selfish. An unsmiling face makes us feel bad, which is why we exhort people to smile.

But how do we know why someone isn’t smiling? Maybe they’re in pain. Maybe a family member is desperately sick. Maybe they just got walloped with a bill they can’t afford. Leave them alone! Let them look sad and deal with your own discomfort over it. Unless you’re actively prepared to help them with their problem, don’t mouth off with a meaningless comment. K?

Thank you for coming to my rant. Now go be less annoying and more gracious in your greetings.

If you would like to participate in Beckie’s prompt, please visit Angie’s blog for the rules. I graciously decline to tag anyone.


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13 responses to “A POP of Perception

  1. I hope tardiness in reading a tag-back blog post isn’t a Peeve or I’m gonna be on the 💩list 😔.

    Thank you for accepting the tag and showing us that being TRULY gracious means respecting other people’s right to feel their feels.

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  2. Being able to judge the mood of others is a great skill to have. You must be a very good friend to be around.

    Yet there is something about smiles. If I am feelimg blue and I smile at myself in the mirror and that makes me feel slightly better.

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  3. You made a great point. Be considerate and kind.

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  4. That measuring the temperature of the room was my childhood, too. 😦

    As for smiling: A smiling person looks more approachable, that is true. I ended up discussing knitting with a grumpy-looking co-worker from another department. Via others I heard she was surprised I was so nice because I always looked so … grumpy. (Oh, the irony.) So now I deliberately smile at her when I see her and sometimes she remembers she can smile, too. Heh.

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