FPQ44: The Event

Fandango’s provocative question

Fandango provocatively asks…

What do you think was (or is) the most significant event in the history of the human race? Please explain.

The first time someone gazed out onto a golden field of wheat gently swaying in the breeze and thought… huh, I bet I could cut that stuff down, grind it up fine, mix it with water, add some eggs, vanilla, etc., plop it in my pan, cook it over a fire for an hour… and viola…


Everyone was amazed. People were nomming up this cake while discussing stuff like what’s that round thing in the sky that seems to affect the tides and how did we even get here and can we invent a better way to kill people on the other side of the mountain… when someone said…

Dudes! This cake is great, but it really could use some frosting. And she mixed together butter and sugar until it was all creamy and delicious, spread it over the rest of the cake… and thus was born…


Red velvet cake


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18 responses to “FPQ44: The Event

  1. Where would we be without cake?!!!

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  2. Cool! I love how you have made it into a fun post! ❤️👌

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  3. Oh that was one of the best inventions ever! That cake looks so good – stop tempting me with yummy photos! 🙂

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  4. Mmm not gonna argue ‘bout pizza! 🍕

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  5. 🤣 Frosted cake! You win!

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  6. Imma let you have your cake (and eat it, too), but I just gotta say this (partly because it’s the sort of facts that fascinate me):
    It was beer – or booze in general – that made us crave grains, not cake. The only known sweet was honey or dried fruits until the New World and its sugar canes were discovered. Sugar is awfully addictive and the direct reason for slavery in the Americas.

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