Some Light Housekeeping


First, my apologies for unfollowing and re-following some of you tonight. A handful of you were in my list twice, and due to my OCD I had to delete you and add you back. For whatever reason, WordPress did not allow me to simply delete the duplicates. That would be too convenient. 🙄

I discovered something interesting. The list of blogs on the WP app manager does not show all the blogs I follow. I always knew it couldn’t possibly be complete as it was way too short. What’s weird is how random it was though. Some bloggers I interact with daily were there (Fandango, forex), but others weren’t (Ashleyleia, forex). It also included others who haven’t posted a thing in 6 months.

Even curiouser, when I unfollowed some of those inactive bloggers, others then popped in (such as Ashleyleia). I spent quite some time “curating” this list, though I know I should peruse the real list on a browser to get the full picture. I’m sure there must be dozens of inactive blogs floating around in my actual list even after this hosing.

I deleted some active blogs too… ones focused on topics I’m just not into, such as pure photography and recipes without much chitchat. Business blogs, advice and self-help stuff. And call me ageist if you want, but I’m not so much into the student bloggery. They have their peeps; they don’t need Grandma.

There’s just so much! I need to have some filters, however arbitrary. I want to read other writers who post a lot.

But not too much! Cuz that’s annoying, as discussed.



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13 responses to “Some Light Housekeeping

  1. I mean to do this every day, but…. the day is too short. Must follow your example.

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  2. WP is a mess. The App and the online system show different results for some but not all my sites. The App tells me I dint follow someone yet included that site on the notification list. Bizarre

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  3. I have my regulars who pop into my reader which is great, and I always check out new followers for me. I find it amusing that some don’t actually have sites, are no longer publishing, or are marketing, sporty, fashion, dentists, discounts, videos or training . I delete those, but they keep coming back. Guess they haven’t got the memo yet!

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  4. WordPress is a weird beast.
    I usually do my thinning in the WordPress Reader when I’m noticing posts popping up that remind me that I’d prefer not to follow that particular blog.

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  5. I use Inoreader as opposed to WordPress’s reader, though I’ve subscribed to many of the WP feeds there. It handles blogs on Blogger and other platforms and those that handle their own RSS.

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  6. I was just wondering about that.

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