Autumn Memory

Tea leaves

Eight years ago, in early October, I broke up with the guy I’d been seeing for a couple of years. My divorce had been finalized in July and I wanted my freedom.

I’m not a good breaker-upper. The truth is there was a perfectly legitimate reason to dump this dude: he had been lying all along about leaving his wife (as they do). But I didn’t want to have another one of those twisty conversations, so I’d been picking fights instead. My moods careened from anger back to passion to barely being able to tolerate him.

I should have ended things when they were still good, so my last memories of our times together could have been warm and joyful. But I never do that. I wait until everything is curdled and awful, then I light it on fire.

I don’t regret leaving him, but I always thought I’d find someone else. Maybe I still will… you never know… πŸ‚


Laura’s October Challenge (Day 3)


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21 responses to “Autumn Memory

  1. {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

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  2. Maybe you will one day find a kindred spirit.

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  3. Hubby and I found each other when we weren’t looking!
    Thanks for the inclusion.

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  4. I texted this girl that I was breaking up with her, because I didn’t want to see her again.

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  5. You are a wonderful woman.
    I’m certain the right guy for you will come along sometime, probably when and where you least expect him. β€πŸ˜ŽπŸ’˜

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  6. So he promised to leave his wife yet he didn’t? He doesn’t deserve you!

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  7. Almost sounds autobiographical.

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  8. What is they say: Just put it down as a learning life experience.
    (I need to take my own advice, dammit.)

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