One-Liner Wednesday

F. Scott Fitzgerald quote

I’ve always felt that autumn is for fresh starts, not endings, probably because of the school year. But also I get so lazy in the summer and fall revs me up. I’m already more productive. Plus, early September is horrible for my migraines and then they suddenly and mysteriously taper off during the last week or so.

Looking forward to a good October!


Written for Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday and Laura’s October Challenge (Day 2)


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20 responses to “One-Liner Wednesday

  1. Hope you have a good one 😍

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  2. The forecast is for the temps to get down into the low 80’s over the weekend and into the 70’s by Monday. When they get down to there, Mary comes to life. In fact several times today she’s said “I’m putting [insert task name] off until next week when it’s cooler.” It’s like she gets new life when the weather gets cooler.

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  3. πŸ’•πŸ₯°πŸπŸŽƒ

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  4. Hope you have a great October

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  5. I smelled it in the morning air a few days ago. Autumn does bring a burst of energy after the dragging, draining heat of summer.
    I had to wear my slippers last night😯

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  6. Fall is my favorite season. I just wish we’d have one this year.

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  7. It’s a magical season for sure.

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  8. Fall is my favourite season too.

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  9. Love the quote! Every season is the start to a new year, a new cycle from that point on the wheel. Happy October and new cycle to you!

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  10. Yes!

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