Fan of… Brie

Brie cheese

I am a huge fan of brie ~ it is my favorite cheese! I’m perfectly happy nomming on a chunk of brie all by itself, but there are a lot of delicious foods to pair it with as well. It works with every type of cracker and chip, but also fruit, from grapes to pears to crisp green apples. 🍏

Here’s something you may not have known: brie is fabulous as a melt. Yep, you can top your burger with a piece of brie, melt it for 30 seconds… mmm! I will make a confession… I deveganize veggie burgers by melting brie on them. Sacrilege! But this transcends yumminess, especially on the spicy ones. 🌢

I’m a happy camper right now because there was leftover brie from game night, and it is ensconced in my fridge as we speak, er write. Trent says even the littlest moments count as weekly smiles, so I’m using this as mine. 😻

It’s a wonder I don’t waddle through this world, given my food preferences, but here is a secret ~ I don’t eat everything in the same day. I make choices, and I’m not afraid to throw things in the garbage. I can buy more later. Otherwise, I’m the garbage can and that’s gross. Like the warnings about texting and driving say: “It can wait.”

I include the above paragraph, not to engage in a verbose lecture, but because someone inevitably asks in comments.


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29 responses to “Fan of… Brie

  1. Hey Paula,

    Hope you are well … l have just tagged you for 321 with the topic of Confusion πŸ™‚

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  2. Someone once told me in those exact words that her body is not a garbage can for all the leftovers. Good strategy. And I love Brie too.

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  3. They made Brie Larson “Captain Marvel” for a reason!


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  4. Love your “ode to brie” and your clever use of all the prompts!

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  5. I share you love of brie. I can make a meal out of brie and Wheat Thins. Mmm.

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  6. A foodie post………… what’s not to like! Thanks for including the 3TC.

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  7. I like brie, but will admit that I am more a fan of hard cheeses. A super sharp Cheddar is what does it for me, though i won’t turn down a smoked Gouda…

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  8. I love brie too – it’s so creamy and dreamy…now I wish I had some!! I need to try it on apples, I’ve never done that before!! Enjoy!!

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  9. I used Brie, melted with fruit top while catering. Not everyone’s fave in my family, but I like it.

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  10. Nice!!

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