321 Quote Me ~ Confusion

321 Quote Me Game

I’ve been tagged by Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke to participate in this round of 3-2-1 Quote Me. Thanks Rory! πŸ˜»β€οΈπŸŽ‰

The thanks was the “1” of 3-2-1. The “2” will be the two quotes after this paragraph, and the “3” will be the three bloggers I tag to continue the game. Yes, we do the 3-2-1 bass-ackwards as 1-2-3, and also I suspend my usual no-tagging rule for this particular game. If I didn’t, it would end up being a one and a two, like a Lawrence Welk game, but it’s not. It’s the Blokey Guy’s game, so there will be tags. Confused? That’s rather the point. 🀣🀣

Confused emoji

Stephen King Quote Silence beats drama

Please continue the theme…

Crushed Caramel

John Holton

Laura Venturini


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13 responses to “321 Quote Me ~ Confusion

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  2. Your #2 goes on a t-shirt too😻

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  3. Good selection.

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  4. I was working on a post last night about confusion! It didn’t come together properly, but now I can turn it into a 3.2.1 Quote Me! post. Thanks for the tag Paula!

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  5. Great post quotes Paula πŸ™‚

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