Autumn Is Upon Us

Autumn leaves

I used to always say my favorite season was autumn. I love the fresh start to a school year, the Jewish holidays, cooler temps, Halloween, fall colors, cute boots, yummy pumpkin everything, early dusk accompanied by splashy sunsets, etc.

But then for a brief while I began liking summer better. Long warm days. More fun. Sundresses and sandals. Music outdoors.

Sunshine flowers butterflies

I’m fickle however and have gone back to fall. Throwing boring old summer under the bus. Tired of the relentless brightness. Ready for darkness; it’s good for writing. Wanna wear my corduroy jeans and big cozy sweaters. Wanna drink mugs of steaming tea and munch sugar cookies. Cuddle up in a blanket and read about sexy heroes…

In a comfortable chair reading a book

FFS, I meant to shovel the prompt words into this babble. It was really the only point of starting a post. 🙄 Oh, I have sun, yayyy. Stuck in bus. Hard to concentrate because I stayed up late watching Breaking Bad. And I will do it again tonight ~ this is my second viewing of the series, and I’ve forgotten a bunch in the past 10 years. What a kickass show it is.

I have gotten into the habit of bingeing when I love a show and why not? Makes it more fun imo. Anyway, I’m super stoked for the BB movie, which is what motivated me to begin the series again.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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20 responses to “Autumn Is Upon Us

  1. a happy weekend to you too. Thanks for including me.

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  2. Breaking bad is ace. Only started watched one episode But already hooked.

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  3. Just as the seasons change, so do our preferences:D It’s ok:D

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  4. All the prompt words and your little cartoony thingies too, YAY!😻

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  5. Have a fabulous weekend!

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  6. Winters here lol hope you enjoy fall!

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  7. Wow! All those wirds. And yay – I used to hate Aytumn, but suddenly love it. Lol. I think I might be about to like winter too! It’s all good!

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  8. I like your take on cozy autumn! Have a great weekend.

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