Wrappin’ [socs]

Bows and ribbon

Wrapping gets a bad rap. Peeps dread wrapping, which I don’t understand ~ I love to wrap. Maybe it’s just another one of my OCD things. You know, get everything at right angles. That’s key. Right angles. Then folding and taping and making triangles all over the place, mmm. ❤️

Well! I’m jumping ahead, aren’t I? In an ideal world, say at a gift wrapping salon, you could choose the perfect paper for each gift. Wouldn’t that be delicious? No more generic giant bargain roll of swirly rainbow confetti paper for everyone’s birthday. We would have little trains for train games, kitties for cat gifts, cupcakes for bakeware, etc. All the holidays would be represented of course as well as special anniversary paper and plain hues to mix-match. Fun! 🎉

Wrapping paper

After getting the paper business all squared away, we would deal with bows and things. How I love making my own boingies! Omg! I could do that all day… though I’d probably get my carpal tunnel back after a half-hour, oh well. But I’d definitely mix things up: some bows, some curls, some fancy ribbon, etc. It depends on the gift and the occasion and the paper.

Did I mention I love wrapping? 😻

Miscellaneous gifts


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27 responses to “Wrappin’ [socs]

  1. LOVE it Paula. I mean what you have written! I’m not a fan of wrapping though lol

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  2. Wrapping used to be fun when I was younger and eager. Now it’s a chore that I try to avoid or delegate.

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  3. My birthday’s comin’ up . . .


  4. I rather enjoy it, too. My mom was really good at that stuff and taught me some tricks that I haven’t been able to practice, though.

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  5. It seems you have a ‘gift’ for wrapping. I love opening beautifully wrapped gifts and don’t mind wrapping them either – BUT – I am not that good at it! Like the idea of having appropriate paper for each type of gift.

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  6. I love it, too. I once took a temp job in my early 20’s at Dillard’s during December wrapping gifts. Learned a couple of things. I would love to be able to do those Japanese tricks, but when I tried one, I made a total mess of it. Just couldn’t get the gift lined up right to begin and haven’t tried since. But I love your wrapping paper store idea. The only thing I don’t enjoy is getting everything out from where I’ve stored it and putting it back. Now that I have a new storage room, I’ll one day reorganize to make it easier, although I don’t get to wrap as much as I once did. But today I pull it all out to wrap my granddaughter’s birthday presents! Yippee!

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  7. Even when I had two working hands, I had all the manual dexterity of a gorilla peeling a grape, so gift wrapping was a chore I’d just as soon skip.

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  8. I taught my grandsons how to wrap, but bags, unfortunately seem to be

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  9. The popular choice.

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  10. I’m not a big fan of wrapping the gifts. Too many Christmas eves wrapping a mountain of gifts.

    I DO love different papers and oh, the joy of PENS! Somewhere in my shed is a bunch of scissors for cutting cool edges on paper too.😻😍

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  11. When the girls were little I wrapped tons of presents, and enjoyed it. Now it’s mostly find a pretty bag and some tissue paper and a bow. I had a habit of saving the wrappings from gifts to use over and over. 🙂

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  12. I suck at wrapping. At rapping, too.

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  13. Oh, I LOVE wrapping. Everybody thinks I’m nutty but there’s something about creating a beautiful package that makes me smile. The store you describe would be nirvana.

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  14. Oooo wrapping, yeah! I love it too! 😛

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