PFF16: Crushed


Welcome to my Friday Flashback! This post originally appeared here on September 20, 2018, exactly one year ago. The poem had several links to prompt words, and rather than be industrious and make sure they all still worked… I simply stripped them out.


Infatuation’s a mazy guest.
He arrives in a flash of froth;
Sparkling butterflies keep him aloft,
Every day is a fervid fest.
Except after a month or three,
He provokes a touch of anxiety–
Will he ever settle his swirling mind,
Or just keep me guessing all the time?
Every day feels improvised–
I ask questions and he swims on by,
Like a slippery fish with a charming smile.
I chase, he ghosts, in air or sea…
I’m exhausted, can’t eat or sleep;
I’ve had enough!
Begone, at once, and take your stuff.

Oh, now I see how this nonsense works:
He’s left his unpaid bills, the jerk!


© 2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

2 responses to “PFF16: Crushed

  1. 😂 crushes are fun for a very short time. I remember being twelve and sustaining a crush for a year. So glad I’m not twelve anymore.

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