Three Things Challenge 178 ~ Paula’s 3TC Finale!

three things challenge Notice! This is the last day I host 3TC. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks to all who’ve participated. You’ve made it fun!

The lovely Di @ Pensitivity101 will be hosting 3TC after this starting on the weekend ~ hurrah! I look forward to her posts and suggest you follow her if you aren’t already. 🎉

Welcome back to the Three Things Challenge. Every day at 10PM (PST) I will post three seemingly unconnected things that will, hopefully, ignite your muse. You don’t have to use all three things if you don’t want to. There are no restrictions on length, style, genre, or anything. Simply read the prompt, see where your muse takes you, and bring us along for the ride. Use 3TC as a tag if you’d like and link back to this prompt, or post your link in the comments below so others can find you.

Happy Writing! 😀

Today’s prompt: drummer, tapioca, greed


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20 responses to “Three Things Challenge 178 ~ Paula’s 3TC Finale!

  1. Thank you for hosting this challenge since picking it up from Teresa (The Haunted Wordsmith). I haven’t participated in the 3TC with much regularity, but I always check it out and, if I can, fit it into one of my posts periodically.

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  2. Wow… So it’s the last day! It has been fun! Thanks so much for hosting this for a long time! I’ll be stalking the next host of this wonderful challenge.

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  4. So what prompts do you do now Paula? 🙂

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  5. Thank you for providing a platform for me to write silly sentence stories. Last one:

    Greed inspired the drummer to steal the bowl of tapioca! (It was a sticky incident!)

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  6. Hi Paula.
    here is my final effort for you. I shall continue to look out for your Thursday Inspirations

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