Fun Challenge: Grocery List

Grocery list

Shocking right? What a mess! Welp, I don’t keep it neatly on my phone like the Bag Lady does. I grab any piece of paper and start scribbling as I think of things, using whichever writing implement hasn’t been batted under the fridge by the kitty. I also write in code that even I sometimes have trouble deciphering later.

S&C is shampoo and conditioner, obviously. Lysol wipes, coffee, tissue, green beans, and… guam? Yes, apparently I’m picking up Guam this weekend. Hope they have it at Von’s and it’s not over my credit card limit.

Dunno why I wrote my beverages as an outline, though of course Diet Coke is the most important one. Don’t worry, haters! I’ve reserved lots of comments so you can rant about the evils of diet soda. Please do go on. Now, in your corner is a recent study correlating diet soda to early death… but also regular (sugary) soda is linked as well. Soda is bad, mmkay? Always remember though: correlation is not causation.

Also, if you didn’t know… milk is bad (fat). Juice is bad (sugar). Booze is bad (duh). And even water is bad ~ polluted and full of micro-plastics and hormones and fluoride, which now has been proven to lower IQ. OMG, the wackadoos were right! What else have they been right about? Maybe the earth is flat! Maybe we didn’t go to the moon! Maybe Elvis is still alive! The possibilities are endless…

What can we drink then? Conservatives have liberal tears slurped up through plastic straws, but what about the rest of us? Personally, I alternate my Diet Coke with Bai and Snapple (both also diet) until it’s cold (under 70 degrees F), at which point I’ll switch mainly to hot black tea with a splash of milk. Generally, I’ll have one large cup of coffee per day. Mm, hot drinks coming soon. September is annoying because of this heat forcing me to drink so many cold things. Hurry up autumn!

I’ve been out of avos for days, which is so sad (maybe I was crying when I wrote it down, hence the blur?). Avocados are my favorite food and I like to have one a day when I can. I’ve been known to have an avo for breakfast. Just plain, with salt. I’m not a fancy person.

This is also why I don’t date anymore ~ who would want to have a relationship with someone that eats avocados for breakfast? Besides a raccoon… 🥑


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16 responses to “Fun Challenge: Grocery List

  1. For breakfast, I like avocados with salsa and Brie. A toasted English muffin is optional.

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  2. Avocado for breakfast is smashing!

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  3. I love avos! I put them in hamburgers, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, in salads, and just avos alone. So lucky I can still eat them since there’s so much I can no longer eat because of acid reflux. As for drinking soda, whatever floats your boat. I’m not going to tell an adult what’s good for them or not. Great post on a fantastic blog! 🙂

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  4. I’m allergic to avos😭 Life isn’t fair!
    My grocery list is in code too. I buy “crack” and “org chick” frequently.
    Crack is cat treats and org chick is frozen chicken nuggets (one specific brand!) that Ben describes as orange chicken.

    Always liked Rocky. The raccoon, not the boxer…

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  5. I hate avocados! Ewww!
    I drink coke zero! Its evenlighter than diet coke!

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  6. I do not use reusable lists. I like writing grocery lists from scratch. They are never exactly the same, anyway. However, I also like crossing stuff off as I shop. Brain ain’t what it used to be. Honestly, brain was never useful in a grocery store. I’d always forget something. So I jot stuff down in Google Keep as a check list because I don’t shop with a cart so no handle to rest the paper against while I hope the pen that’s been in my purse for ages still works.

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  7. I write lists on paper, too. And, avacados are good any time. 🙂

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