Love Letters [flash 285]

Love letters

Concerned about her lack of a love life, Lula decided to try one of those dating sites on the web. Her friend Marge said that her niece had met her husband this way. So, Lula wiped the dust off her old keyboard and set her nimble fingers to work creating a profile.

As soon as she finished, she received a warm welcome message from a handsome man in uniform. His name was Max and he was on an important secret mission out of the country. Lula saw an alligator in the background of his photo, which made his story sound credible.

Max said he was having trouble accessing the site from his remote location, so they began corresponding by email. Lula sent him more photos, and he said she looked so delicious that he wanted to meet her very soon.

The problem was, he had dropped his passport one night while using the bathroom and the alligator had eaten it. He’d been working with great tenacity to replace it because he wanted to visit his mom in the States. She’d been sick lately.

And now there was Lula. Max told Lula he felt so close to her from her sweet letters he might be falling in love. She said she felt the same. He said in that case he’d combine a visit to his mom with one to Lula. She was thrilled! It had been so easy to find her true love on the web.

Then Max said he would work extra to earn the three thousand dollars he needed to expedite new documents. But sadly he wouldn’t have time to write to Lula if he took the second job.

Lula sent him the money.


Written for Thursday Inspiration 18


© 2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon

21 responses to “Love Letters [flash 285]

  1. This story should be required reading for anyone fresh to the internet. Excellent, Paula!

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  2. Seemed legit.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Big mistake, I hope Lulu learns her lesson.

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  4. Oh, Lula–you went to the dark web! Good one, Paula!

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  5. YUP! There are a few people who have been there and done that! Sad really.

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  6. At least he wasn’t a Nigerian prince! 🙄

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  7. Too common a story, sadly. No, not yours, silly! Lula’s! Sheesh! 😂 Your stories aren’t common!

    Liked by 1 person

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