3.2.1 Quote Me ~ Good Health!

321 Quote Me Tag

1. Rory tagged Beckie who passed the baton to Di who has now handed it to me. Thank you! 😻

2. I’m to post two quotes on the topic of good health, something I feel quite expert on at the mo while lounging around in my jam jams at 11am after getting 3 hours sleep and eating leftover potato chips for brekky. Let’s get to it then…

Happiness quote over calm blue waves

Cat purrs good for health

3. Now I am supposed to tag 3 peeps. I don’t usually tag, but this is fun and easy so okay.

A. Jack Collier
B. Keera Ann Fox
C. Deborah


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20 responses to “3.2.1 Quote Me ~ Good Health!

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I would just like to comment on the quote by Albert Schweitzer. While I like the sound of it, the part about happiness being a bad memory carries with it a clear indication that Mr. Schweitzer is against the very idea of happiness.


    • Actually, he’s on the money. Studies have shown that happy people can remember being hurt, but forget the details, while unhappy people refuse to forget them. And I am n=1 myself. In my hurt years, I remembered everything, partly to defend myself. Now, any hurt never gets tended enough to stay around; I’m not focused on it.

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      • It depends on the situation for me. Lately I find myself forgetting more and more. I’ve been so into the present with the girls getting married and my new granddaughter that it’s hard to care about some jerko from years past.

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  2. That last quote about purrs is so true! Thanks for the tag! ❤

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  3. Heh. The thing about a cat purring? All true. Chris and I just got a kitteh. He’s 3 months old and he’s a doll!

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  4. Thanks for joining in Paula. Love your kitty quote.

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  5. awwww kitty purrs ❤


  6. You tagged me?!? After taking two of the best quotes regarding health for yourself??? Right. I’d better get creative, then. BRB.

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