Things Nobody Cares About


Giving a fox…

1. I don’t get Linda’s initial SOCS posts in my Friday feed and yesterday was no exception. I saw someone else’s and the word “preposition,” grabbed the link, and wrote my story without reading the directions. Then I linked it and here we are.

2. I realize I’m making things worse by explaining, but (a) my OCD compels me to, and (b) I don’t understand why I never see the initial posts. Obviously I follow Linda and see her other posts. Sometimes I even see the SOCS post, but much later.

3. After Ashley said we should add alt text to our photos, I went back to the beginning of time (March 2011) and started doing it. Then I realized this made the posts repost in the feed and on twitter. Ack!

4. Now I have a few posts from 2011 with alt text in the photos and new posts with alt text, but a gabillion posts in between with no alt text. Inconsistent! This is giving me nightmares. This morning I woke up at 4:30 after dreaming about a picture of a half-finished flower from my Happy Color app that I wanted to delete but was locked out from my blog. Locked out!

5. Unfortunately I decided to look at my blog on my laptop, and now I’m unhappy. I don’t like the double-spaced poetry. It was already bothering me because of Mathew, and he’s right. Poetry shouldn’t look like that. Also, things I’ve been quoting are all screwed up, even when I deliberately paste them in “unformatted.”

6. Unformatted is a lie! I just tested it a few times. All lies. The formatting sneaks back in and screws things up. What you have to do is go to html view and then paste. Never paste in visual mode. For tomorrow’s song lyrics, I pasted my quoted lyrics in the html view and then italicized them. The post looks much better in the preview than that ugly block quote.

7. Also, fyi, if you paste a YouTube video link right under a block quote in visual mode, it can get screwed up too and only show as a link, not as a preview of the vid. So annoying! But it doesn’t do that if you do the html thingie that I just described and nobody read.

8. I have to have 8 things.


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23 responses to “Things Nobody Cares About

  1. I noticed today when I added a period at the end of my poem it automatically divided the text and I couldn’t get it back. Luckily I had the original still in the word counter app.🧐🤓🙄

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  2. It really shouldn’t be this difficult. It seems like for years things like formatting became easier then over the last couple of years it’s gone backwards

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  3. I love your fox coloring! I usually don’t cut and paste into html but maybe should? When I cut and paste poetry into visual section it automatically adds lines like you said which is irritating! I can take them out using shift+control but it seems like using html to cut and paste avoids that step? Thanks for the tips. With the links buried in text from wikipedia, I “clear formatting” in my word processing doc then start fresh, do all writing and editing, formatting there, then copy and paste into WP.

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  4. Most of what you said , I didn’t get because I am deficient in tech knowledge. I blog mostly from my phone and I don’t usually open my blog in my laptop. I guess I should do that to get to the root of the issue.

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  5. Sometimes you’re so much like moi it scares me. Except for your delete-everything-under-the-sun silliness. The only thing I ever delete are But usually not even them. I repurpose all of that shit.

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  6. This is the stuff of nightmares. I date back to the days before Windows and hard drives. It was not much fun then but it was a helluva lot simpler!

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  7. WTF is “alt text”? And unformatting? BTW, I use HTML all the time to format things the way I want them to be instead of how the WordPress visual editor wants them to be.

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  8. Ah, yes, WordPress and its naughty little habits. “Unformatted” just means you don’t drag formatting in from somewhere else. Like taking off your outdoor shoes and walking around in your socks. Except not really because WordPress puts you in slippers, whether you want to or not. Single line: Shift + Enter should do the trick. And that YouTube thinger? Thou must embed. Thou shalt not merely copy and paste. Annoying. But honestly, WordPress is OK. Even if the slippers are plaid and not bunny.

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