Prepositions [socs 225]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

“Sally, I have a preposition for you,” Gary said.

Sally rolled her eyes. “Give it to me after lunch. I’m tired of you barging into my office during the middle of the morning when I’m trying to focus my mental energy on my to-do list.”

“But this one came straight from the desk of our new Director of Grammar and Sentence Structure! She said she wants it to take priority over those adjectives you’ve been working on for the Redundancy and Repetition Department.”

“Okay fine.” Sally sighed and arose from her yoga mat positioned in the exact center of her office. “Put it on my credenza next to the pile of unused semi-colons. Take some if you want. I’m tired of looking at them!”

Gary put a few in his folder. “Thanks. We don’t use them much over in my section. I would really appreciate it if you could get the preposition done by the end of the week. It’s across.”

“That’s going to put me behind.” Sally shook her head. “New directors never care about following existing protocol.”

“I’m sorry,” Gary said. “How about I treat you to lunch instead of eating here in the cafeteria? We could go to the Oxford Karma.”

“I’m down with that,” Sally said. “Let’s meet in the lobby between the question mark and the exclamation point.”


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17 responses to “Prepositions [socs 225]

  1. I realize I didn’t follow the directions at all ~ sorry Linda! I got caught up in writing a story and forgot all about them.

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  2. The Oxford Karma. Now that’s a restaurant I could be down with. I wonder if I could get a bowl of serial commas there.

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  3. Fun take on the prompt, even if you didn’t break the grammar rules.

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  5. A fun read, Paula!

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  6. Fun read! Also like the café name Oxford Karma. Since I don’t know what the rules are, I don’t know that you did anything wrong. 😀

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