Narcissus 2.0 [flash 200]

Trees mirrored in pond

He needed time away. Forest bathing would rev up his blood oxygen count and increase his sales count, he’d read. Appreciating the beauty and serenity of nature today would improve his bottom line next quarter. He nodded at the leafy trees, his partners in profitability. They’d help him upgrade to a BMW Series 7 this fall.

Unzipping his backpack, he removed an energy bar and chewed it methodically. When finished, he tucked the wrapper in his pocket. He stepped into the clearing and gazed at the pond. The sun shone through the branches, creating a dance of rainbows across the mirrored surface. This would be a great selfie for his bio. He took out his phone and walked over to the edge of the pond, holding out the camera and smiling.

A crow shrieked from a nearby tree, startling him, and he lost his balance. He fell back from the weight of his pack and slipped under the water, never to be seen again. Eventually the shiny red wrapper from his energy bar floated out of his pocket and up to the surface of the pond where the crow spied it.

She flew down and grabbed it for her nest.


Written for the Daily Echo


© 2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

22 responses to “Narcissus 2.0 [flash 200]

  1. Nature demands our attention… and we ignore her at our peril 😉

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  2. The places some people take selfies. I wonder when “death by selfie” will over take car accidents or heart disease? Though this one didn’t seem as stupid as most.

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  3. Great story Paula, I loved it.

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  4. Poor guy! A very costly 🤳 selfie.

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  5. Excellent story Paula! ❤

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  6. That’s why I don’t take selfies. Too dangerous. I don’t want the lens of my iPhone’s camera to break when it focuses on my ugly face. 😱

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  7. Just as well. BMW Series 7 aren’t that good-looking. 😆

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  9. Nice take on the prompt! well written!!!

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